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The United States presently has a racist as a President.

Donald Trump is not only an ignorant, ill-read, even worse raised fraud, liar, misogynist, homophobe and xenophobe, he is above all else, a disgusting racist.

Trump’s recent Twitter outburst targeting Congressional Progressive women of color to “go back home” is just the latest example of his overt bigotry. And while the MAGA masses seemingly have an unending appetite for his utterly appalling anti-American outbursts, the GOP continues to bathe itself in absolute shame as it still fails to call him out for latest egregious excess.

That Trump has a long history of racism is public record:  He and his Monty Burns style father, Fred Trump, found themselves in a heap trouble back in the 70s courtesy of discriminating against black potential tenants for their rental properties.

 Despite being exonerated over 16 years ago, Trump still maintains that the Central Park Five are guilty and should have been executed.

 Trump headed up the simultaneously ludicrous and offensive “birther” campaign against former President Obama – bringing into question his credentials as a legitimate President on the basis of his national origins (which was of course based on the color of skin).

 In more of a dog-shriek than a dog-whistle, Trump flagged up genuine nazis at the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally of August 2017 as being “fine people.”

 And, of course, who could overlook his reference to people not coming to the US from “shithole countries.” Representatives Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Pressley and Omar, the targets of Trump’s last racist amongst, are the real face of the America to come – diverse, unified, brave and determined. Trump is the last gasp-wheeze of white, male privilege in the US, snarling and panting for air as it knows that its time, one way or the other, is done for.

The crossroads for America, indeed for the West, is right here, right now. On the one hand, we have Trump and his fossilized ilk offering a flimsy future of male, white privileged prejudice, sure to collapse soon enough under the bile of its own hatred.

On the other hand, we have the diametric opposite – Progressives who genuinely care for the many not the few, irrespective of skin color, gender or national origin. Everything the right-wing touches, regardless of where that may be on the planet, it screws up.

It can’t help itself because its foundations are built on the shifting sands of prejudice, rivalry and self-destruction. And Donald Trump is presently the architect in chief of the right wing.

Dull, tedious, two dimensional, cunning but not intelligent and driven by base instincts and even baser fears, Trump is the epitome of reactionary privilege meets reality tv / social media.

Pitiful. Hateful. Soulless. And ultimately a dismal, abject failure.

And here’s the problem with the Biden / Pelosi arm of the Democratic Party /DNC. Because they won’t fight fire with fire and fight Trump and his GOP lackeys in any semblance of a potentially winning fashion, then as every day goes by, Trump becomes more and more emboldened.

Trump already senses blood in the Democratic ranks between Pelosi /Biden and the growing Progressive movement – hence his racist, mischief making Tweets. And therein lies the fundamental problem – the same corporate vulture interests back the main-stream Democrats as they do the GOP and the Racist-in-Chief.

The classic definition of insanity is doing the very same thing over and over again, expecting different results each time. The two-party oscillation model of politics, Democrats to Republicans to Democrats to Republicans and so on ad nauseum, is completely done.

Political, legal and constitutional toast. There’s that crossroads again. If you want change, real change, then something now has to give. The old racist that Trump is may just have done the Progressive movement its best moment in a long, long time by attacking the “Squad” of four Representatives.

Like every fascist before him, Trump knows that he, and his spiteful creed, is headed for an ignominious exit before not too long. And those that will be dancing on his political grave, his stinking noxious creed? The very same Progressive “Squad of Four” that he thought it a good idea to single out for racist tweets, plus hundreds of millions of Americans who know exactly what this country is meant to be.

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