Remember those days when Republicans, conservatives and the right-wing press hyped themselves up into a swamp-fever like, swivel-eyed frenzy about President Obama wearing a tan suit?

About how “un-Presidential” that all was? About how unfit he was for office because of such a shocking fashion faux pas?

Well, in a week that has just seen Donald Trump make reference to himself being akin to the Second Coming of Christ, while at the same time strafing Denmark, a long-term ally of the United States, because they won’t sell Greenland, it could be quite easy to forget that Trump needs to be impeached.

While Trump may occupy the title of the President, he is simply not Presidential. In fact, never has an occupant of the Oval Office been so undeniably unfit for the role. You can take the man out of the (cheap and tacky) reality tv show, but you can’t take the reality tv show out of the (cheap and tacky) man.

The fact that Trump’s latest excesses, declaring himself on a par with the Second Coming of Christ and having imperial designs on Greenland, seem almost to be expected, somehow a normalised “meh, it’s what he does” should concern us all.

This is not normal. This is absolutely the diametric of normal. And while it may make good rubber-neck news-bites (he said WHAT this time?) it is sullying the name of both the Presidency and the US hour by hour, day after day.

American prestige and influence under the Trump presidency have plummeted. Once treasured, vitally important international relationships and alliances have been undermined by his incessant need to cause disharmony.

The Constitution is under attack by his threats to free speech and limited terms in office.

The rise of hate crimes on his watch have only been matched by the rise in his hate speech rhetoric. Gun violence is out of control and millions of A