The DNC and Climate Change

One of the more startling realizations of climate change is that there is as much of a “plan B” as there is a “planet B” if we now fail to decisively act. Which means no plan anything.

Aside from the tin-foil hat wearing flat-Earth brigade, of which Donald Trump is the most famous member of, climate change is accepted science. The options of inaction and not having robust discussion about this literal matter of life and death for the planet are no options at all.

Which makes the latest revelation by the DNC about climate change extraordinarily hard to fathom out.

On Thursday last week, the DNC’s resolution committee voted to reject a proposal for a single-issue debate on climate change. As if we didn’t have enough material from the DNC as to just how out of touch they are with the majority of the American people, now this.

It is clear that the establishment dinosaurs at the heart of the DNC brazenly still call the shots. So, it should surprise no-one that in the immediate run up to the vote, one of Joe Biden’s senior advisors, Symone Sanders, declared: “[Such a debate] would be dangerous territory in the middle of a Democratic primary process.” [1]

That statement alone is simply staggering. Dangerous territory for who exactly?

With a planet that is steadily over-heating and threatening ever more fires, floods and huge coastal erosion (New York or London half under water anybody?), isn’t that dangerous territory enough?

As recently as October 2018, the United Nations issued yet another wake-up call of a report when it comes to climate change. That report identified that unless greenhouse gas emissions are halved within the next ten years, the planet will be set to see its average temperature rise by 2.7 Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius).