Education is in a perilous state in the USA

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcom X

Education is in a perilous state right now in the USA. That’s for both those that offer it and those that receive it. And that should deeply concern everyone in the country, because education really is the bedrock of progress upon which any modern, forward-thinking society firmly rests upon.

While it is quite commonplace for teachers to finically struggle day-to-day with the most basic of things, such as the rent or mortgage, college students are incurring ever more eye-watering levels of debt year after year. Teachers, especially new ones, are increasingly struggling to make ends meet.

The statistics behind that reality make sobering reading: 

Virtually every new teacher in the U.S is unable to meet cost of median housing rent in virtually every location in the country.

 “The average salary of a U.S teacher was $58,950 in 2016-'17. When adjusted for inflation, that's slightly less than what the average teacher earned almost two decades ago.”

Both sources: jobs/3449428002

Consequently, it is no surprise that many teachers have felt obliged to resort to industrial action and strike. In fact, the strength and depth of teacher strikes is done of the unsung stories of recent years:

“About 485,200 workers were involved in major work stoppages in 2018, new Labor Department data shows. It’s the highest figure since 1986.”