Sadly, the tragic tales of Atatiana and Botham are just two of the most recent examples of police vi

For a country that has branded itself to be “The Land of the Free”, the US sure seems to have any number of societal issues that seem nothing short of repressive. Astronomical medical bills, college debt spiralling out of control and gun violence and deaths unmatched anywhere else in the Western world leave millions of everyday, regular Americans feeling anything else other than free.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there is another societal ill that the US continues to languish under – police harassment, brutality and full-blown murder against the African-American community. The latest disgraceful manifestation of that was the gunning down of Atatiana Jefferson in Fort Worth, Texas by police officer Aaron Dean on October 12 th 2019.

The circumstances of Atatiana’s death are simply mind-blowing. Absolutely minding her own business, staying up late and playing video games with her eight-year old nephew, Atatiana was unaware that a neighbour had made a “welfare” call to the local police (the reason for the call, apparently, was that a door to the apartment had been left open.)

Dean’s subsequent actions, as an officer on call to the scene, defy belief.

Prowling up to the window of Jefferson’s apartment, with no verbal shout-out as to the police being on site, Dean saw Jefferson through a window, yelled “Put your hands up! Show me your hands!” and within literally a split second, fired a single shot at Atatiana.

That single shot killed her.