Let's put this out there straight off the bat – President Barack Obama was one of the finest, most dignified Presidents that the United States has ever had. To say that what he stood for was diametrically opposed to the what the current occupier of the Oval Office stands for is an understatement of over-sized proportions.

Obama was articulate, well-read, erudite and a force for unity. Trump is, well, none of those and never will be. Of course, Obama was the country’s first black President and in that respect, broke the cast of prior Presidential norms.

Add to that how he rescued the economy after the Great Crash of 2008 (after years of Republican economic mismanagement – yet again), took out Bin Laden and worked tirelessly for better international understanding and alliances with trusted friends and allies, and his legacy will continue to shine for years to come.

However, and undoubtedly Obama would agree (as opposed to Trump who would just sulk and tweet), even the loftiest figures in politics and history are never immune to reproach. That’s why Obama’s recent comments about the Democratic party moving “too far to the left” and that some Democrats, Independents and even moderate Republicans are “rooted in reality”, needs to be examined.

What Obama went on to state that most Americans want “improvement and not revolution.”

The key to where Obama is actually getting this wrong is the use of the word reality. The crushing reality for millions and millions of Americans at present is a far cry from the steady-as-she-goes centrism being advocated by the likes of Obama’s former vice-President Joe Biden.