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The word “unprecedented” gets used a lot when it comes to the Coronavirus pandemic, and rightly so. The world has never seen anything like this before.

Yet there is something else that is running neck and neck with the pandemic when it comes to being unprecedented. And that’s the GOP’s obsession with seeing millions of Americans return to work way too soon and in doing so putting their health and lives at real risk.

We’ve known it for a long time now. The GOP is all about profit and nothing more. It’s “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” mentality has always been highly questionable. Now it’s proving to be literally lethal. Of course, leading the GOP’s genocidal charge back to work is the stable genius himself, Captain Clorox, aka Donald Trump.

Trump and his GOP cronies are desperate to try and get some semblance of economic normalcy back in time for the November elections. The fact that the economy was massively skewed against American working men and women before the pandemic is of course no concern to them. They yearn for record-breaking stock-market figures to be flashed on Fox News chyrons. They long for their corporate donors and allies to bloat once more with obscene profit. And they fully intend to do it at the expense of ordinary American’s lives.

Unemployment benefits were meant to enhanced by as much as $600.00 a week, especially important for New Yorkers in the midst of a city being ravaged by the Coronavirus. Yet payment of even the basic unemployment benefit is stalled and people trapped in the lockdown are suffering unimaginable Hardships. New York is a 24 / 7 city of life and vibrancy that now finds itself in a Coronavirus lock-down coma.

Businesses are vanishing and livelihoods are going up in smoke by the millions. And still unemployment benefits aren’t making it through to the very people that need them most.

The lack of a coherent federal-level strategy from Trump and his GOP allies is the absolute definition of insanity. And now people are faced with the prospect of returning to work while the pandemic continues to rage on. Science and considered medical advice are being recklessly tossed aside by Trump and the GOP. The very fact that Trump could refer to Anthony Fauci’s potentially dire yet realistic testimony to Congress as being “unacceptable” tells you everything you need to know – this is all about profits over people, nothing else, pure and simple.

How about Trump’s eye-popping statement that it’s “a beautiful thing” to see nurses running into death just like soldiers running into bullets”? Care for more damning proof? How about the GOP’s Dan Patrick, Lieutenant Governor of Texas and his mind-blowing assertion that social distancing restrictions should be eased because “there are more important things than living.”

Read that again: There. Are. More. Important. Things. Than. Living.

We’ve long known that under Trump the GOP has become a cult. But now we get to add to that in that has actually become a death cult. All their “pro-life” blather is further undercut by their rush to see millions of Americans return to work in the middle of a Potentially lethal pandemic. And what better way to ensure that they have to go to back to work by Ensuring that they never actually get to see any of their unemployment benefits that they are fully entitled to.

There was always the lingering suspicion with Trump that he would lead the US into reckless wars with other nations. While that hasn’t emerged, yet, we need to come to terms with the fact that Trump and the GOP have declared war on average Americans by the hundreds of millions.

Nothing is as sacred to them as big business and Wall Street. Nothing is as disposable and transactional to them as your life. Close to 95,000 Americans have died of the virus and that figure is set to remorselessly increase in coming months. Yet Trump and the GOP continue to push for the country to be “open for business.”

There is no low that the GOP won’t bottom out to in their relentless pursuit of profit. Pandemic be damned – get out there, get back to work and actually risk your life as you do so.

Unprecedented indeed.

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