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Remember when casual racist and bigot-apologist Donald Trump said that he was a “war-time president” when it came to the Coronavirus pandemic? Despite the fact that he has been utterly ineffective, hapless and divisive, the Coronavirus outbreak has proven to be a public health emergency the likes of which the U.S has not seen in a hundred years.

However, there is another emergency that the U.S has been up to its neck in since its inception over 250 years ago - treatment of those of African-American origins. And now, with the barbaric murder of George Floyd at the hands, and knees, of four Minneapolis cops, black America now finds itself at yet another emergency crossroads.

They have been at crossroads before. But they were always bludgeoned or deceived into which way to go.

After the Revolution, there were no more white British slave-owners, but new white American ones instead. No choice at the crossroads.

The Civil War was won by the abolitionist Union, yet that quickly gave way to Jim Crow and segregation. Once again, no choice at the crossroads.

The civil rights movement of the 1960s was supposed to get black America where it should be after everything before that. Despite the right route being chosen by that movement, it was quickly road-blocked off by the emergence of passive-aggressive “yeah but I’ve got a black friend” white privilege and Donald Trump-style “he just says it how it is” (yeah, damn racist is what it is.)

So now, with the blatant and brazen slaughter of yet another African-American man at the hands of white cops, black America finds itself at yet another crossroads. The one way – business as usual, as it has been for the last 250 years, which is continuing oppression, coupled with perpetual social and economic dislocation and depravation. The other way? That black America finally comes together, puts itself on a war-time presidential footing that Trump was so quick to invoke, and finally throws off the shackles of the DNC plantation that large parts of it subconsciously dwell on.

Unless black America adopts a new strategy of uncompromising militancy and self-sufficiency, the harrowing images of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Ahmed Aubrey, Breonna Taylor and thousands more, reported and not, will continue to contaminate the US. For too long now, the US has pontificated and dictated to others as to “freedom”. And for too long the US has been nothing more than the height of hypocrisy. It has never been anything more than a white supremacist establishment of one version or another. Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and white privilege – take your historical pick.

The DNC, part well-meaning while at the same time part establishment-apologist, is no longer fit for any remote sort of purpose for Black Americans. Whatever it is, whatever form it takes, Black Americans need a new vehicle to deliver them from centuries old oppression.

The US may well be a land of freedom and opportunity for those of European ancestry, but for African-Americans it’s been nothing a country of discrimination, exploitation, torment and fear.

The US is one very sick country, currently led by one very sick individual. “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” is no leadership at all from Trump. The guy is a sociopath who relishes the idea of more blood-shed. While Trump and the vast majority of the GOP descend into the madness of full on white nationalism, the DNC seems, as ever to be simultaneously horrified yet paralyzed into no meaningful action.

Black Americans are being routinely slaughtered by white cops that are clearly out of control. This is a centuries long siege that continues to this day – remorseless, unforgiven and seemingly never-ending. The power structures and law enforcement regimes of the US in the twenty-first century are rooted in the historical DNA and vested interest of the late eighteenth century when black people were nothing more than property.

Just like the gun control issue, no other advanced Western democracy has anything like this level of police brutality and discrimination against people who aren’t white. Black Americans now need their own exclusive political and economic platform to protect them and further their interests. Without any formal declaration of war, we have been slaughtered remorselessly – the perceived enemy within. Now is the time to ditch the DNC, find new political and ecommerce territory, and start a seismic fight-back.

Now is the time for UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME.

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