Remember when casual racist and bigot-apologist Donald Trump said that he was a “war-time president” when it came to the Coronavirus pandemic? Despite the fact that he has been utterly ineffective, hapless and divisive, the Coronavirus outbreak has proven to be a public health emergency the likes of which the U.S has not seen in a hundred years.

However, there is another emergency that the U.S has been up to its neck in since its inception over 250 years ago - treatment of those of African-American origins. And now, with the barbaric murder of George Floyd at the hands, and knees, of four Minneapolis cops, black America now finds itself at yet another emergency crossroads.

They have been at crossroads before. But they were always bludgeoned or deceived into which way to go.

After the Revolution, there were no more white British slave-owners, but new white American ones instead. No choice at the crossroads.

The Civil War was won by the abolitionist Union, yet that quickly gave way to Jim Crow and segregation. Once again, no choice at the crossroads.