TRUMP's RALLY: The Art of the Flop

Donald Trump craves any number of things – power and money being the two that first spring to mind. However, there is something that he craves even more than those. And that’s attention. He absolutely and utterly yearns to be in the limelight. His whole career before occupying the presidency was based on brash publicity stunts and being part of New York’s high-profile celebrity scene.

Trump needs the continual affirmation of others like the rest of us need oxygen to breathe. It’s what defines him and, with no surprise at all, despite his pre-office claim that he could be “very presidential if needs be”, he has brought that attention fixation into the White House. The dignity and sobriety of the highest office in the land now lies in tatters.

Trump’s tenure as president has been a ghastly, non-stop circus of hatred and incompetence, gelled together with that continual need for approval from his nauseating “base.” Which is why Trump has continued with his Klan-inspired hate-fests, better known as his rallies, since assuming office.

Prior to the pandemic, his faithful would pour into stadiums around the country, or at least parts of the country, and let their bronzer-drenched hero lap up their adoration. Then all the rally “fun” had to abruptly stop as the Coronavirus burst forth. Trump, deprived of his rallies, switched to attempts to give regular briefings on the Coronavirus in the White House so as to stay in the limelight. And true to the fact that everything Donald Trump touches turns to dust, those quickly descended into alarming farce such as the suggestion of possibly ingesting bleach to tackle the Coronavirus. Genius.

Then come Saturday just gone, Team-Trump had their first rally in months, in Tulsa, Oklahoma – a glaring display of racial tone-deafness given the history of that particular city. On top of that, health experts, doctors and scientists all advised of the risks of so many people in such a confined space.