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How the US is Further Sinking into the Mire

The Trump administration’s relentless assault on America’s people and its constitutional democracy continues unabated. In fact, if anything, it is accelerating. From Russian electoral interference, to attempted Ukrainian chicanery, to unchecked police brutality, to a pandemic that has completely exposed Trump for the incompetent fool that he is, the U.S. is seemingly sinking deeper into the mire of cronyism, corruption and brazen, unapologetic inequity.

Today we learned that a prosecutor in the Roger Stone case, Aaron Zelinsky, is to tell Congress that the Department of Justice (DOJ) put “heavy pressure” on the prosecution to “cut Stone a break” when it came to his sentencing.

Further, that Stone “was being treated differently from any other defendant because of his relationship to the president.” [1]

The Department of Justice if of course headed up by Trump puppet, Attorney General William Barr. AG Barr takes the somehow near impossible plaudit of making the previous AG, Jeff Sessions, seem to be a man of integrity and committed to some semblance of constitutional governance and justice.

Stone received only 40 months prison-time, way below what was expected - something in the region of at least eight years when comparable offenders were sentenced (you will recall that Stone was convicted of lying to Congress and witness tampering.)

Trump and Stone go back years. A long time conservative political consultant, Stone was part of the 2016 Trump presidential campaign team. A loathsome individual at the best of times, Stone was particularly renowned for spreading lies and conspiracy theories about political rivals. He especially prided himself on his viciousness.

So now we have the latest scandal – that Barr put pressure on the DOJ to put pressure on the prosecution team to go easy on Stone when it came to sentencing. Should we though be surprised? No. This is the Trump presidency that we are talking about here. And who does Barr answer to?