Stop the World: Donald Trump Changed His Stance, Kind of.

Stop the world and start breathing rapidly into a paper bag. Donald Trump has finally done the right thing. Well, make that half of the right thing. Sort of.

Trump had previously planned the return of his nauseating rallies on June 19 th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. June 19 th is also known as “Juneteenth” – a day of quiet reflection and respect for acknowledging the end of slavery in the United States. Tulsa was the location of one of the worst race massacres in American history – over 300 African-Americans were killed and around 800 injured in 1921 by an angry white mob in conjunction with the national guard.

It was then no coincidence that our white nationalist sympathizing president chose that date and that location for his latest rally. Trump is a racial flame-thrower in a tinder-filled dry forest. He thrives on chaos, division and hatred.

Trump also has a long history of racism. Think of his being flagged up by the Department of Justice, along with his equally racist father, for discriminatory housing / landlord activities. Or how about his heading up the patently racist birther movement? Or suggesting that there were “fine people on both sides” regarding the Charlottesville alt-right gathering and anti-racist protests in 2017. His attempts to not be racist are as fake as his ludicrous tan.

Donald Trump also has a very long history of refusing to say sorry or admit that he has ever been wrong. He has taken that to insurmountable extremes. Cast your mind back to the Access Hollywood incident when, as a presidential candidate he was caught on tape bragging about how he could grab women by the genitals. When this became public, Trump offered an apology of watered- down sorts. What he actually offered up was “I am sorry if my actions caused you any offence.” Not a straight “I’m sorry” – he had to make it conditional on whether or not someone had taken offence.

Now we find ourselves in the highly unusual situation of Trump back-tracking, at least a little, with his moving the date of his red-hat fest rally from June 19th to June 20th . And why would he do that? There are two main reasons. First, as November inches its way closer, he knows that his electoral prospects are sinking, especially so among non-white voters. So the move in date is an attempt to make himself look more acceptable to them