Stone Cold Cronyism

Just having a tattoo of Richard Nixon on your back should be enough to bring your character in question. However, that’s never been enough for Roger Stone, oh no. The arch-Republican, self-professed political dirty trickster and convicted felon helped the worst President in history, Donald J. Trump, get elected. One thing that Trump values above all else is loyalty to Trump. Nothing else matters. So that fact that Trump has now pardoned Stone, convicted of lying to Congress and witness tampering, should sadly come as no surprise to anybody.

Despite trump’s continual bleating about “draining the swamp”, Stone has to be just about the most perfect definition of a swamp creature that could ever be imagined. A political consultant and lobbyist, Stone has worked for any number of Republican Presidents and politicians, priding himself as being a master of the dark arts of political machination.

Stone was also an Infowars host which, just like his laughable Nixon tattoo, tells you all you need to know as to what we are dealing with.

Stone had been sentenced to 40 months in prison for his aforementioned crimes in February of this year. At the whim of our toady-loving president, Stone served a mere five months of that sentence. This is bare-faced cronyism, nothing more, nothing less.

The US was founded as “a nation of laws, not men.” This was a fundamental rejection of the old world’s rule of kings, queens and emperors who, in many cases in the late eighteenth century, were often deemed to be above the law. The law applies, or at it should, equally to all Americans.

However, then Donald Trump cam along. Trump doesn’t see himself as being subject to the nation’s laws. Beyond any doubt prior to the pardoning of Stone, Trump’s reckless behavior showed us how he was using the highest office in the land for his own personal gain and to stoke his egg-shell fragile ego even further still. A cursory glance of any Trump speech will show you how he references “democracy” or “the rule of law” barley if ever.

Sure, he likes to