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These are the words of President Donald Trump in respect of the Coronavirus pandemic, an event as cataclysmic as World War Two. The number of Americans dead now stands at over 140,000, new cases are sky-rocketing every day, hospitals are at breaking point and the economy is in tatters.

In the alternate reality that is the inside of Trump’s head, he has again spewed for the ridiculous assertion that the virus will one day just magically fade away. You don’t have to be an immunologist to realize this is utter nonsense – all you need to do is watch the news or open a newspaper.

We are now at a point where the two biggest risks to the American people are a merciless virus, and the President himself. Trump’s abject failure to implement any meaningful and coherent strategy to tackle pandemic has contributed to the wholly unnecessary deaths of Americans. While he should be in a court dock answering questions as to why he has allowed this to happen, he continues to wreak havoc unabated.

This will be a subject that future historians will long ponder over – how the richest, most powerful country on Earth could so badly fail its citizens. That’s actually an easy question to answer. Because of Donald Trump. Trump was banking on the economy (which he inherited from President Obama) scraping him a victory come November this year. Now however, the economy is tanking like nothing seen since the Great Depression.

Trump, being true to his self-centered miserable self, doesn’t see that for the disaster that it is, the financial destruction that has hammered away at families across the country. Absolutely not. Instead, Trump sees his re-election chances evaporating fast, hence the continual down-paying of the severity of the outbreak. He wants the economy to improve and is prepared to do so at the expense of American lives.

Trump and his inner-circle of lackeys are tested for the virus every single day. Anywhere he visits is sanitized and repeatedly checked for any trace of the virus. Trump wants the American worker and the American child to return to their employment and their school as quickly as possible, irrespective of the very clear and obvious risks that are out there and are actually growing by the day. Trump has down-played wide-spread testing, bizarrely claiming that less tests mean less cases. This really is 100% down the rabbit hole stuff. It would be laughable if it were not so tragic.

Trump is a clear and present danger to the Republic, let there be no doubt about that. He holds the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans in his hands with no actual regard to their safety. If this were an external entity that was inflicting such carnage, the Pentagon would have gone into action long ago. Yet for whatever myriad of psychological reasons inflict Trump, we all have to pay.

One positive out of all of this is that Republicans who have hitched their wagon to the Trump horse are starting to become increasingly worried about how being associated with Trump will affect their election chances in November. They, not Trump, have to deal with their (potential) constituents as the virus continues to ravage thousands of cities, towns and communities. Give it another month, with less than 100 days until election, and the rats will start deserting the Trump sinking ship as they know that blue tsunami is headed their way.

Trump is as good as done. His populist racist nativism has been exposed and undone by something that is invisible to the naked eye – a virus. Despite all the bluster, all the empty boasts, the chest-beating ,and vitriol, it all ended in a disaster for the American people that we shall recover from once Trump’s name is in the trash-can of history.

Not only will Donald Trump go down as the worst President in the history of the United States for a wide variety of drama, crises, misdemeanors and even crimes, he will actually forever also be known as the Commander-in-Chief that let thousands of the people that he is meant to protect, die. And with that in mind, we know for sure, not probably, that We The People are right.

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