The US has a pedigree history when it comes to will. Born out of a determination to implement a better system of governance than had been previously imposed by its colonial over-lord, the US subsequently brought its will and iron determination to any number of land-mark events. So it was that slavery was overcome, Axis fascism defeated, boots put on the moon and the Cold War won. When it wants to, the US can achieve pretty much anything. But it needs the will to do it.

Consequently, the fact that the US presently languishes under a for-profit health-care system is very telling. The desire among the American people for something very different, single-payer health care, is consistently high, gaining in popularity in just the last few years alone. [1] Yet the political will to implement such a system is not yet where it should be and frequently bumps heads with the vested interests and sizeable chunks of the conservative GOP and even some Democrats.

For the last couple of years, it all looked so promising as the Democrats seemed to be increasingly set on Medicare for All. Progressive voices like Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders seemed to be winning the universal healthcare argument within the Democratic party. [2] And yet is has since then gone sour. Bizarrely, despite a huge number of Americans favoring Medicare for All, the Democrats have seen fit to exclude that from their official party platform. This is as staggering as it is stupid as it is morally bankrupt.

The US is unique in that out of all the of the modern, industrialized countries of the West, it has no universal, single payer health-care system. Single-payer varies from say the UK, to Australia, to G