An Open Letter to Our Friends at Arcview & Canna America

Not like anything since the Civil War have actions meant more than words.

Such is the pivotal nature of political and societal change that we are now confronted with. Trump is very likely headed for political oblivion come November, yet we think that Biden and the DNC are still languishing in the 1970s.

As you know, over 75% of the country favor the legalization of marijuana. That is an overwhelmingly positive figure of approval. Yet Biden and the DNC are clearly in a time-capsule bubble, choosing again to kick the same issue into the long grass and, laughably, hope the electorate fail to see this travesty.

In light of that, we absolutely know that you have to be furious with how the Democrats have again demurred on this critical issue. As we know you know, marijuana, big tech and Universal Basic Income (UBI) have the very real power to change the world – and that time is now.

We fully recognize how, in particular, Troy Dayton, Keith Stroup and NORML have been tirelessly fighting for meaningful marijuana reform since the 1970s. Despite that, sadly, we see how the Democrats, of all people, are actually the roadblock to marijuana legalization and the freedom of tens of thousands of unjustly incarcerated people of color presently rotting away in COVID-19 addled prisons.

So it is then that we stress to you that the Democrats are blocking billions, if not trillions, of dollars in potential investment.