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The seminal time for women of color is now upon us. The Democrats are pinning their hopes of a Biden victory on the back of a black, female vice president.

With that in mind, this is a shout out to the likes of Kamala Harris, AOC, Nina Turner and Stacey Abrams. All women of color. All fighting for justice and against oppression.

Your policies and ethical stances have caught the attention of the nation, rightly so. Yet there is a long way for us all to go. For example, until the Democratic state of Michigan finally unchains Michael Thompson, you should refrain from collaborating with what are effectively still our colonizers.

As you know, people of color around the US and around the world have been waiting and waiting to finally walk the Earth as free people. For the first time in 400 years, full economic and political power, full and final emancipation, are finally within reach.

It is a startling realization that while Biden is preferable to Trump, he is at core Republican lite. He is a bridge to the past where black lives simply did not matter. Shocking, but true.

The entire world is waiting, is aching, for Progressives of all colors to unite and take back the White House on strictly progressive terms.

Take the issue of marijuana if you would. Legalization will not only ensure that the likes of Sean Worsley, Michael Thompson and Richard Delissi become free people once more, it will also free tens of thousands of people of color who are presently forgotten and degraded in Biden’s for-profit prisons.

Legalization will also liberate the entire white dominated cannabis industry of the black mark upon their souls that has been forced upon them.

Marijuana, as you know, is an American industry of the future that is taking shape now. The US legal marijuana industry was estimated at $13.6 billion in 2019 with 340,000 jobs devoted to the handling of plants. Furthermore, marijuana companies raised $116.8 billion in capital in 2019 according to New Frontier data.

A total of 33 states have legalized marijuana for medical use, 14 of which allow adults to legally use the drug for recreational use as of March 2020. These numbers are only possible because Keith Stroup and NORML have been working gallantly to reform archaic marijuana laws since 1970.

We simply cannot afford to squander the potential power of cannabis and pandemic on an old feebleminded, dinosaur, one-termer at best.

At this moment in American history, with you at the vanguard, we can come together and unchain Mike , Sean and Rick from the grip of Biden’s for-profit prison cronies. In doing so, we will unchain the moral conscience of our shared nation.

Micheal Thompson has been in prison for 25 years with 35 more years to go for selling weed in Michigan a recreational State.

Tom Cottons ancestors stole our people labor for over 250 years because it was a "necessary evil" Today, Biden and the State of Michigan have conspired to enslave Micheal Thompson for 60 years. Biden is plain EVIL if he don't have the mental capacity to understand that NO MAN should be in prison making .25 cents a hour for 60 years to enrich his wealthy donors.

As a race, we simply have to embrace technology and create our uniquely afro-centric travel Blockchain. We have to fight for cannabis legalization. We believe that Arcview and the entire 20 billion-dollar cannabis industry share our pain and will stand with us when we declare war on Biden and DNC.

We are here to work with you – a Travel in Peace Nation where the cloud never sets. In doing so, we will once again become the envy of the world for what makes America truly great.

That greatness is not our misty-eyed past that never was, but one that is based on the vision of a shared economy era where each and everyone contributes their fair share to the Blockchain.

Ladies, the future of the US, the world and humankind are in your hands – it really is. We need you now to finally come home and return our brothers and sisters to their families.


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