An Open Letter to Andrew Yang

Mr. Yang, at a time of unprecedented political danger to the American republic, comes the need for unprecedented solutions. We have reached a near point of no return. Yes, that means Trump and his suppliant cadre of GOP have taken the country to ever lower depths of moral deprivation. However, even if Trump had no bludgeoned his way into the Oval Office, there were bigger, more long-term issues at play – issues that you have had the foresight to call them out for what they are.

As you know, the American economy is fundamentally and irrecoverably changing. Its increasing automation means that millions of Americans have already been displaced, with tens of millions more to come. This is something beyond a recession or depression as it is permanent change. And no modern economy can afford to lose tens of millions of working people and the economic purchasing power that that entails. Again, as you know, if tens of millions aren’t spending, then the economy goes yet further into tail-spin. Consequently, so it is then that we here at TIP political party have been shoulder to shoulder with you in support of Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Mr. Yang, the common ground doesn’t just stop at UBI either. We know, as you know, that the federal legalization of marijuana is a matter of when, not if. We are fervent advocates of the immediate legalization of marijuana, just as you are. The US has languished for way too long under the archaic and ludicrous stand-point that marijuana is somehow dangerous or a “gateway drug.”

There is still more that unites us in common. That is that your followers and our followers are repelled by the fact that millions of predominantly young, black, male Americans are presently languishing in prison because of non-violent drug “crimes.” Of course, we know that the prison system is in the pocket of corporate America. Put

simply, right now, more prisoners mean more profits. This is an affront to not only the American concept of “justice for all” but is also an affront to basic human decency and dignity.

We here at TIP political party also support, 100%, your other stand- out policy principles of complete support for LGBT