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The grisly, ghastly merry-go-round of police violence against American people of color continues seemingly unabated. Now we have Jacob Blake shot in the back, seven times, by one or more Wisconsin cops in the city of Kenosha. This is Groundhog Day, but with blood and systemic racism.

Just when we thought the atrocious murder of George Floyd couldn’t highlight the blood-soaked shortcomings of American police any further, we now have another black American hospitalized and in intensive care, courtesy of seven police bullet holes in his back. That was videoed in the plain light of day. How much more can black America stomach of this? Without risk of hyperbole, there are now very real, very justifiable comparisons between twenty-first century America and apartheid South Africa of the 60s, 70s and 80s when it comes to policing.

Unsurprisingly, news of this latest police outrage spread like wildfire and people took to the streets, with protests and yes, it has to be said, riots. Of course, our barely concealed racist of a President had nothing to offer on the matter, rather telling an audience member at a North Carolina event who called out that Obama was a “monkey” to “be nice” – unbelievable if it wasn’t Trump. But it was, so it isn’t. This of course simply adds to the rage on the streets.

Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, when asked if he had seen the video, typically kicked the question into the long grass and said he hadn’t and that “it was still early” and the matter needed to be considered further. Still further do the streets then seethe with a sense of injustice and outrage.

Yet here’s the thing. The struggle for genuine black emancipation in the United States is still very much a work in progress. Its history of struggle has taken many forms, including taking to the streets so as to vent a righteous fury.

However, this more often than not simply results in the established (very white) powers that be justifying yet further police force by claiming that the streets are now being flooded by “mobs” and “anarchists.” The black emancipation movement, BLM, and their many allies, need to now start thinking of new strategies to combat America’s deep-rooted racist problem. As we know, the classic definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same thing and each time expecting different results.

It is then time for those resisters, those struggling for genuine freedom for all Americans, to rethink their strategy. As much as street protests are noble in intent, the racist establishment has ever more force and deadly intent that it can pour out into the streets. Especially so with the likes of wannabe autocrat Donald Trump in the White House. The merry-go-round seemingly goes on with no genuine progress. Or should it?

As we know, the two-party system in the US is fundamentally flawed, totally unfit for purpose. Voters make their choice between Republicans and Republican-Lites (also known as Democrats) and that is all that we are told that we have. Well, that is simply not true. Black activists and their allies of any race, religion, culture, sexuality and nationality have a better choice, one which allows them all to unite behind one broad movement, with one common voice – the Travel In Peace (TIP) Party.

TIP calls for genuine socio-economic change, justice for all, Universal Basic Income, the federal legalization of cannabis and the release of non-violent drug offenders, by the millions, from unjust and unnecessary incarceration. If we genuinely want to prevent further police murder of black Americans, like Jacob Blake, George Floyd and countless others, then we have to unite, but unite differently. TIP is that difference.

On a global scale, we can take that same determination, same resilience and same searing sense of genuine justice and articulate it further still with and In uniting globally, we can defeat our enemies around the world – the racists, the fascists, the nationalists, the xenophobes, homophobes and bigots in general.

There really has to be a pathway for black Americans, to finally, after all the pain, misery and death, to reach where they should have been all along – equality coupled with dignity. Well, in this case, there are three paths – TIP , and Join us and make the struggle become victory.

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