Demexit: The Way Forward

We all know that the Republican party is rancid and completely unfit for purpose. If only the Democratic party could be the absolute opposite of that (which they try to make out that they are), but if anything, they are Republican-lite. Just follow the money of half of corporate America and it will lead you right to Joe Biden’s door.

The seemingly endless oscillation between Republicans and Democrats is stifling American democracy and crushing the people. The US needs a genuine and viable left-wing party to challenge the status quo – and that may be getting closer to reality than you may think.

The Movement for a People’s Party (MPP) is a growing left-wing, genuinely progressive, phenomenon. Founded by many who were part of Sanders 2016 campaign, the MPP aims to provide the American people with a genuine alternative to the Republicans and Democrats – both of which are in hock to big money and Wall Street. Likewise, the MPP is staunchly in favor of, among other things, universal health care, meaningful gun control, genuine social and racial justice, federal legalization of marijuana, student debt cancellation and tuition-free colleges and universities and tax reform that favors the many, not just a select few millionaires and billionaires.

The MPP is out to actively encourage left-leaning members to leave the Democratic party and join their ranks. This has long been a debate within the left-wing of America. Should you stay in the Democratic party and try and reform form within? Or should you opt for an alternative political vehicle such as MPP? Given that Biden is not that much more radical than Trump, the latter option surely overwhelmingly appeals.

Something fundamental has to give as democracy in the US is now absolutely at stake. The two- party system has taken the Great Republic, in just under 250 years, from an inspirational beacon of democracy shining brightly to the rest of the world, to a sleazy, back-scratching, hyper-monied oligarchy that is literally robbing and killing its own so as to sustain its bloated self. If we wait any longer for meaningful action, democracy as we know it may no longer be around by 2022, let alone the 2024 Presidential election. American politics has become a dangerous, deadly joke. It has to change.

We at TIP political party have a long pedigree and history of calling for fundamental change to the American political system. We share very similar ideals to those espoused by the MPP and would encourage true progressives to engage in Demexit and find a home in a party that properly cherishes and reflec