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Demexit: The Way Forward

We all know that the Republican party is rancid and completely unfit for purpose. If only the Democratic party could be the absolute opposite of that (which they try to make out that they are), but if anything, they are Republican-lite. Just follow the money of half of corporate America and it will lead you right to Joe Biden’s door.

The seemingly endless oscillation between Republicans and Democrats is stifling American democracy and crushing the people. The US needs a genuine and viable left-wing party to challenge the status quo – and that may be getting closer to reality than you may think.

The Movement for a People’s Party (MPP) is a growing left-wing, genuinely progressive, phenomenon. Founded by many who were part of Sanders 2016 campaign, the MPP aims to provide the American people with a genuine alternative to the Republicans and Democrats – both of which are in hock to big money and Wall Street. Likewise, the MPP is staunchly in favor of, among other things, universal health care, meaningful gun control, genuine social and racial justice, federal legalization of marijuana, student debt cancellation and tuition-free colleges and universities and tax reform that favors the many, not just a select few millionaires and billionaires.

The MPP is out to actively encourage left-leaning members to leave the Democratic party and join their ranks. This has long been a debate within the left-wing of America. Should you stay in the Democratic party and try and reform form within? Or should you opt for an alternative political vehicle such as MPP? Given that Biden is not that much more radical than Trump, the latter option surely overwhelmingly appeals.

Something fundamental has to give as democracy in the US is now absolutely at stake. The two- party system has taken the Great Republic, in just under 250 years, from an inspirational beacon of democracy shining brightly to the rest of the world, to a sleazy, back-scratching, hyper-monied oligarchy that is literally robbing and killing its own so as to sustain its bloated self. If we wait any longer for meaningful action, democracy as we know it may no longer be around by 2022, let alone the 2024 Presidential election. American politics has become a dangerous, deadly joke. It has to change.

We at TIP political party have a long pedigree and history of calling for fundamental change to the American political system. We share very similar ideals to those espoused by the MPP and would encourage true progressives to engage in Demexit and find a home in a party that properly cherishes and reflects their ideals and principles. Click here to see more about us and exactly what we stand for: TIP POLITICAL PARTY.

The future of our children and grand-children are absolutely on the line. Right here. Right now. We already have a country slipping into the abyss of authoritarianism with Trump, the blabbering, hate- filled buffoon, stoking up racial tensions every day. And of course, just like Biden, he is owned by big-money America.

As well as being committed to real, tangible equality for all, TIP political party is also firmly in favor of Universal Basic Income (UBI). Many potential Demexiteers will be more than familiar with that courtesy of Andrew Yang’s recent run for office. Yang had the foresight to call that. We echo it 100%.

Like Yang, we are a party of foresight; a party that is fueled by unity, hope and solidarity and absolutely rejects corporate America and its lobbyist zombies. Sound familiar? The TIP movement is ready for you with open arms.

We created TIP Political Party to be the Democrats’ counterpart to the Tea Party. Our mission is to both take back the White House and dominate the U.S. and global travel industry.

Our strategy is to become the stand-out voice of the anti-Trump, anti-Confederate, anti-racist social movement. We are laser-focused on unifying individual efforts to create a formidable voice. We also aim to become the first political brand to monetize a social movement.

This is your opportunity to get involved and protect the lives and well-being of people in America and all across the world! We are looking for partners who are ready to go to political war and to officially usher in the “Shared Economy Era” and “Blazin20s”. In doing so, we forever eradicate Trumpism and better the lives of millions in America and around the world.

Only true political and economic power will fundamentally stop our people from being exploited, persecuted and killed in cold blood. The Founding Fathers stacked the deck against us. However, there was no way for them to know that the Internet age and pandemic would unravel their perfect union. Let's not meander or move laterally. Rather, let's race to become the party of the future, a party that will weaponize, monetize and mechanize millions of cyber warriors and be free from the talons of corporate vultures.

Our roots are travel. A recent study by Mandala Research discovered that in 2018, Black travelers spent a staggering $63 billion in 2018, compared to $48 billion in 2010. [1] That is a huge market. Or was.

The American tourist industry has ground to a juddering halt and desperately needs not only rejuvenating, but re-inventing. The traditional travel industry is one of the last mega-industries not completely disrupted by technology.

Our founder, a veteran tour operator, has re-imagined the Airbnb model in order to not only disrupt the hotel and travel industry, but to also disrupt the corrupt politics of modern-day America. Our model disrupts the disruptors and holds IPOs hostage.

Technology has already disrupted both travel and politics—we want to take that to the next level as a force of unity. Travel is a trillion-dollar industry, while the BnB and rideshare model is valued at over $100 billion dollars. Cannabis tourism is expected to also be a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation, according to population estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Millennials, defined as those aged 18-34 in 2015, now number 90 million, far surpassing the 74.9 million Baby Boomers (ages 51-69). As the youngest generation with disposable income, millennials have secured their status as leaders in travel and tourism.

We believe that young voters are ready to embrace a new political party. A party that stands for progressive ideas, social justice, and unfettered global travel. We believe young voters want an entirely self-funding crypto-strong political party—one which effectively eliminate lobbyists from bribing our politicians. TIP Political Party will be the first political party to wholly embrace the internet and shared economic age.

Blockchain visionaries will create travel platforms not yet imagined.

The travel side of our business is known collectively as Travel in Peace (TIP) Nation. This is our platform for building, managing and growing shared economic communities that support our mission to travel in peace. In these communities around the world, we’re creating political action committees and finding pro-Universal Basic Income candidates to fight anti-BnB and anti-tourism legislation.

At the heart of TIP Nation is a political movement rooted in “social tourism.” Social tourism is the extension of tourism benefits to disadvantaged people who otherwise could not afford to travel. Our version benefits both the traveller and the BnB host community. We’re also providing economic opportunity via: TIPBnB, TIPcruise TIPtours

Each community will have hosts and tour guides to effectively manage each destination, strengthen our brand and support small locally owned businesses, including independently owned hotels (via TIPhotel).

There’s more. We created AfroBnB to unite the Pan African Diaspora economically in the emerging $100+ billion shared economy and trillion-dollar travel industry, post Coronavirus pandemic.

Tipnation.NYC seeks to disrupt both travel and politics by making them one and the same through redirection of travel dollars from companies and places that stand in the way of progress, to people and places that foster it. Technology and the pandemic have already disrupted both travel and politics—we want to take that to the next level together.

TIP Political Party, TIPtravelcoin, HARRIS and our handpicked UBIBLACKCAUCUS dream team will ensure our brand survives and that we will be able to leave our children wealth and pave the road to the socio-economic counter-balance of black privilege worldwide.

The next 60 days in the run up to the Presidential election are vital. People are already out in the streets protesting Trump backed police brutality, racism and economic slavery. They need to take that energy, that clamoring and yelling for something much, much better than the tyranny that we currently have, and place it not with Democratic party as it will never truly change. They need to pour their energy into getting active at all levels of politics. They need an effective movement to do that. The TIP umbrella of organizations is exactly that movement.

Change is coming with the Demexiteers. Join the TIP movement and shape the politics of the future right now.

[1] Travel-Represents-63-Billion-Opportunity.html

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