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Abortion. The warning signs were always there.

Abortion. The warning signs were always there. During the shambles that was the

Trump presidency, what with his stuffing the Supreme Court with a further three rancid

conservatives, those were of course major red flags. But there’s more historical

baggage to this pending human rights crisis. Ever since the 1973 Roe v Wade Supreme

Court ruling, Republicans and the white, evangelical Christo fascists have been

feverishly working to re-criminalize abortion across the land. It was never settled law,

and it never would be allowed to be. As Trevor Noah recently said, it turns out that the

right’s obsession with Sharia law coming to America was actually nothing more than an

act of jealousy.

An American woman’s right to control her own body is now under attack like nothing

before. While the rest of the Western world heads the ever more progressive route, the

US seems hell-bent on heading in the opposite direction of theocratic inspired tyranny

and repression. However, American women absolutely refuse to roll over and die on this

issue. Far from it. Women today, across the country and the globe, have the power to

connect and stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity like never before. And that power,

that digital cyber-synergy, comes from the technology that we at TIPNation have been

espousing for many years now.

The digital, post-pandemic generation simply cannot any longer follow the analog,

dinosaur Democrats. Despite the flimsy veneer of their worn-out rhetoric, they have

never had our backs, nor will they ever. Take that to its ultimate extreme and you get

the failed humans, Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, both GOP-lite while

masquerading as Democrats, indicating that they will uphold the racist Senate filibuster

in the face of the Supreme Court’s leaked decision to overturn Roe. Why does that


Well, there are very few avenues left to explore in opposing the Supreme Court

from dismantling Roe, with one of those being Congressional legislative action. With

Manchin and Sinema avowed to uphold the filibuster, that legislative avenue is

completely blocked off. The futility of the American “democratic” system is further

brutally exposed by the legislative and constitutional blackmail of these two cravens,

morally washed up Senators.

While the “pro-life” movement professes to care for the unborn in the womb, the

moment that the newborn emerges into the world, well kid, well mom, you’re on your

own now. Don’t expect government or society to help you out in any way. Just another

newborn cog in the machine of white privilege corporate, capitalist exploitation. We are

told by the right and their Christo fascist allies that they are simply out to protect the

innocent from the likes of pro-choice Planned Parenthood. Yet when it comes to

innocent children being slaughtered, they are seemingly mixing up Planned Parenthood

with their poster-child gun fanatics in the NRA.

So once Roe is done way with, what then? What else becomes fair game for the far-

right and their conservative allies in the Supreme Court? LGBTQ rights? Same sex

marriage? Inter-racial marriage? Civil rights legislation? The list is potentially endless.

And this is a good time to reflect on the fact that more people voted Democrat in 2020

than had ever done so before, but it still didn’t matter because in all reality, the

Democrats’ only real job is to stifle progress and keep us subdued while they allow the

Christo fascists to take over.

Understandably, protests against the Supreme Court’s inevitable striking down of Roe

have burst forth across the country. There is a real anger out there. Non-White,

economically disadvantaged American citizens are ever more in the cross-hairs of the

deranged GOP if Roe is overturned. As is always the way in corporate, bigoted

America, the most disadvantaged always have to suffer even more. The American

travesty for hundreds of millions of citizens continues unabated, into perhaps it’s darkest

chapter since the arrival of African slave labor to the colonies.

While protest is good, this is an energy that could be directed more effectively

elsewhere. TIPNation would welcome every pro-choice protestor to join us and swell

our ranks further. In doing so, we would be able to intensify our myriad cyber-strategies

against not only the anti-abortionist tyrants of the GOP and the rabid religious right-

wing, but also on a whole host of other socio-economic issues that can only be

addressed, let alone resolved, outside of the oscillating and ultimately rigged two party

system that somehow, in the twenty-first century, has managed to position itself to

imminently classify a woman’s body as no longer her own.

We object.

We resist.

Join us.



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