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During the Second World War, to name but one of many modern conflicts,

Nazi spies were seen in a particularly dim view. Operating by stealth and

devoid of the markings of regular military forces, they were pernicious,

deceitful and dangerous in the extreme. You could easily mistake them for one

of your own. And yet their sole purpose was to take you out. Terms that really

should be found on the resume of New York City mayoral candidate, Eric


While Adams lounges on a Democratic ticket as a matter of political

expediency, his progressive credentials are conspicuous by their absence. In a

city with an increasingly left-leaning outlook, Adams bucks that trend by

representing not only old-school, old-style deferential Democratic principles,

such as being pro-police and pro-business regardless, but he has also been a

registered Republican in his time. With that in mind, in 1999, he accorded

himself the title of being a “conservative Republican.” So, it comes as no

surprise that he has previously made the preposterous claim that a sizeable

number of Black New Yorkers are secret Republicans. Something that is

palpably untrue to even the most limited political commentator. Nice try Mr.

Adams, but completely deluded and detached from reality at the same time.

Yet there’s more, lest we forget. Adams has previously expressed admiration

for none other than Trump-stooge, failed attorney and leaking hair-dye anti-

super star Rudy Giuliani. Not only can you judge the character of someone by

the company that they keep, you can pretty much do the same with previous

New York City mayors that you praise.

Or how about Adams reverse racism of calling on those who wished to move

from the likes of Ohio or Wisconsin, to cease and desist for fear of adding to

the “gentrification” of the city. It is then more than obvious that Adams,

despite being a Black person, plays the race-card, and does so both ways,

whenever he thinks it fits his malicious political agenda the best. If

opportunism could take up human form, it would show itself as Eric Adams.

Then there is the real cherry on the Adams political cake. And that’s stop and

frisk. Despite the inevitable incidences of racial profiling that that brings,

Adams is a true believer in this pseudo-fascist policing practice. Adams has

previously expressed to CBS New York the following about stop and frisk:

“Great tool. We should never have removed stop and frisk.”

That’s just fine and dandy, until such time as you pause to reflect on the fact

that every totalitarian / authoritarian regime have also implemented their own

versions of stop and frisk. New York City is the bastion of real American

freedom, based on any number of values that are the antithesis of Eric Adams

– inclusivity, decency, a brash but humble approach to life and above all, not

discriminating against people on the way that they look in terms of policing,

law enforcement and the justice system.

Adams is then a tin-pot, mini-me Trump. Always hungry for attention and

controversy. He is no friend of not only the Black New York City community,

but also of its wide and diverse spectrum of citizens of all races, faiths and

nationalities. The only friend that Eric Adams has, is Eric Adams. However,

horrifyingly, Adams has been tipped to win the mayoral general election come

November this year. Think that’s unthinkable? Think that’s a polling blip?

Well don’t. Just like another rancid New Yorker, Trump, made it to victory so

can Adams.

We have then to stop this travesty of a human being securing himself as the

Mayor of New York City. The Big Apple has gone through way too much to

allow this to happen. The pandemic hit the city hard. The remnants of

Hurricane Ida just wreaked havoc on the city and the state. Two huge

humanitarian disasters don’t need a third political one to follow this


There is still a way to go before the mayoral general election comes and a lot

can happen between now and then. But despite that, Eric Adams has a

misguided core of support amongst a minority of New Yorkers that keeps his

electoral hopes afloat. That is as misguided as it is dangerous. Adams owes a

loyalty not to the people of the city, but to himself. A casual Google search will

confirm as much with ease.

New Yorkers – don’t let this political chameleon and charlatan suck you in. If

successful, he will take you out.

The Jim Crow Democratic Party must think NY'ERS are crazy

if they think NY'ERS will vote for stop and frisk Eric Adams when

they won't end the filibuster.


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