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Andrew Cuomo Feel the Pain BOY: Yes, You Too

The Me Too movement has been around for years now. And rightly so.

Predominantly women, but some men too, have for too long been subject to

unwanted sexual advances, assault and more. Now though, social media has

allowed their voices to be heard like never before. As the cries of the victims

have turned into a crescendo, so the headline names of abusers began to ratchet

up. Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, Louis C.K and Kevin Spacey being

some of the more prominent offenders, plus hundreds more.

Sexual abuse is a subject that transcends political persuasion. Weinstein was a

renowned liberal on the Hollywood scene. Ex-Senator Al Franken is a well-

known Democrat. Abuse is abuse regardless. That is why Governor Andrew

Cuomo of New York needs to step down from office at once. Still though he

digs his heels in and mutters about his gestures and actions being

“unintentional” and “misunderstood”.

Both of those defenses are as flimsy as they are predictable. They are the go-to

excuses of so many before him that have been exposed by the growing power

and volume of the abused. Suggesting a game of strip-poker, forcibly kissing

somebody, or offering a hug while sexually aroused, really isn’t open to mis-

interpretation. On top of that, what Cuomo fails to understand in general is that

it is not of case of what was meant with the message, rather it is how the

recipient received it. This then is not simply a matter of “political correctness

gone mad” but more a case of respecting the basic human dignity of others. The

idea that an abuser blames the abused was a hall-mark of Donald Trump. That

Cuomo is suggesting that his accusers are out to get him, for whatever bogus

reasons they may be, is an appalling state of affairs and on a par with Trump.

New York state Senate Majority leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D), has now

added her voice to the growing clamour for Cuomo to resign. And Stewart-

Cousins is not the only Democrat to do so. Cuomo may pride himself on being

“the Governor of America” (whatever that is meant to mean), but make no

mistake, his days are numbered. And this isn’t even taking into account the

New York nursing home / COVID scandal.

The people of New York deserve something else other than a centrist, archaic

bully of the Democrat old-school. New York is, and always has been, a cutting-

edge state within the Union. New York City, the Empire State’s jewel in the

crown, is a world city of international renown. Cuomo’s conduct is no

reflection of what the state and the city stand for. They not only deserve, but

need, a fresh governor with a fresh vision for the future. Putting aside both the

sexual misconduct and nursing home scandals, Cuomo’s time in office was well

past overdue in any event. An ideal replacement, an individual with a new

vision of the future, would be AG Tish James. She is the

diametric opposite of every tired and worn out thing that Cuomo is and stands


Meaningful socio-economic justice is what the country is still screaming out for.

And that includes the voices of sexual harassment / violence victims being not

only heard, but listened to and acted upon. The DNC would do itself the world

of good if it would join the chorus of denunciation currently raining down on

Cuomo’s head. That of course is not going to happen as Cuomo has always

been the sort of politician that the DNC has looked favorably upon.

There’s every likelihood that the spirit of the Me Too movement will identify

even more culprits as we move forward and beyond Cuomo. Rightly so.

Anything else would be to continue with the normalization of aberrant,

inexcusable behavior. In his heart of hearts, Cuomo knows this and that his

days in office are running out of calendar space. How many more it will take to

come forward to force his resignation hand is though still up in the air.

Cuomo is doing a huge dis-service to progressivism in the US and needs to

walk. His excuses are as defunct as his brand of stale, outdated politics. Let’s

then, however we can, continue to press for Cuomo to resign and push for Yang

to take his place. The women that Cuomo has abused, and the people of the

state of New York, deserve absolutely nothing less.

Me Too Mr. Governor? Yeah, that’s You Too Mr. Governor. Kick Rocks




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