Andrew Cuomo Feel the Pain BOY: Yes, You Too

The Me Too movement has been around for years now. And rightly so.

Predominantly women, but some men too, have for too long been subject to

unwanted sexual advances, assault and more. Now though, social media has

allowed their voices to be heard like never before. As the cries of the victims

have turned into a crescendo, so the headline names of abusers began to ratchet

up. Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, Louis C.K and Kevin Spacey being

some of the more prominent offenders, plus hundreds more.

Sexual abuse is a subject that transcends political persuasion. Weinstein was a

renowned liberal on the Hollywood scene. Ex-Senator Al Franken is a well-

known Democrat. Abuse is abuse regardless. That is why Governor Andrew

Cuomo of New York needs to step down from office at once. Still though he

digs his heels in and mutters about his gestures and actions being