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“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black.” Henry Ford.

While Ford uttered those words back in the early twentieth century, they could just as well be used as a metaphor for the pending 2024 presidential election. As things stand, a Biden-Trump rematch is on the cards for the keys to the White House. That would be a 77-year-old rich, privileged, white guy up against an 80-year-old rich, privileged white guy. How’s that for electoral diversity? Clearly it isn’t and clearly, we are sick and tried of having to put up with this garbage over and over again.

A recent poll showed that 70% of Americans don’t want either Biden or Trump to run for the presidency. While Biden’s presidency is a work in progress (and more on that “progress” shortly), we all know what Trump was all about while in the Oval Office, culminating in the January 6th Capitol insurrection. Trump was a mess. And still is. He is the nearest thing to a monarch that the US has had since George the Third. Still, we then have to look at his successor, Joe Biden.

From the outset, let’s work from the truism that Biden, long ago, declared war on Black America. And that is a war that he continues to wage to this day. Consequently, Black America and genuine progressive Americans will no longer blindly follow the DNC into that abyss any more. Furthermore, as we know, NYC is in the midst of a migrant crisis that not only has been allowed to fester by Joe Biden, but has actually been purposefully enhanced and encouraged by him. And the rationale behind that? A steady flow of migrants into the city increases the body count for a potential stretch in any number of private prisons, worth billions and billions to the 1% donor class.

Private prisons are an abomination and have no place in twenty-first century America. They rely on slave labor to function, and historically, that demographic has been young, Black Americans. Now we can add to that tens of thousands of fresh-faced migrants who now find themselves in NYC. And the tragedy doesn’t stop there. Many newly arrived migrants immediately struggle to keep their heads above water and provide for their isolated families across the city. Consequently, they look to do local food and goods deliveries, often time using the city’s scooter and moped fleet. Without those, they struggle to get around and earn a wage, which is often times under the table just to survive. The scooters and mopeds are often unlicensed too. So what does NYC Mayor Eric Adams do? Well, instead of a scooter licensing department task force turning up, a tactical SWAT team comes crashing in instead, dispensing arbitrary paramilitary force to “remedy” matters.

That this is happening in NYC, the world’s premiere global city, is both obscene and scandalous. All the while, the forthcoming likely showdown, #2, between Trump and Biden is given way more airtime than the shambolic migrant tragedy that is unfolding in NYC minute by minute. So, we’re making another shout-out to Governor Hochul – do everything that you can to stymie and then resolve NYC’s migrant crisis. The salt of the Earth citizens of the city deserve way better than this. NYC is always welcoming, but at the same time, it has its limits.

Biden isn’t going to do anything and even though there is now a fault like between Eric Adams and the White House, NYC’s questionable mayor if clearly out of his depth when it comes to this (and so many other issues while we are at it). He can’t even effectively resolve an issue about mopeds and scooter without monumentally screwing it all up. Adams aside, how can Biden not discharge his Constitutional obligations and duties when it comes to something as critical as immigration law? Vested interest – that’s why!

We can at least take solace that we have the likes of AOC, Andrew Yang, Stacy Abrams and, of course, Kamala Harris as the inevitable successors to the real American dream. The pressure will continue to grow, as will the number of Black Americans and genuine progressives who want genuine change. The days of ridiculously old, white, male Presidents are in sight. Consequently, we here at TIPNation, and all of its affiliates, throw all of our weight behind that fight to overcome that.

President to be Kamala Harris – we are here to report for duty in that struggle!


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