Biden and justice for Khashoggi- What else did we expect?

So much happened during the chaos of the Trump years, it’s almost

forgivable to have forgotten the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi

at the direction of the Saudi government. For “Saudi government”,

make that the whim of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).

Of course, Trump was a despot-loving democracy-hating admirer of

strong-men such as MBS. Add to that how Saudi Arabia has an

insatiable appetite for American arms, and the Pentagon has an

insatiable appetite for Saudi Arabian money, and the chances of

Khashoggi’s murderers being named, shamed and brought to justice,

including MBS by proxy, were slim to non-existent.

Along comes the forty-sixth president and wasn’t everything

supposed to get a whole lot better? Like milk and honey better?

Well, putting aside the federal minimum wage at fifteen dollars an

hour debacle, and the fact that the US under Biden is again bombing

targets in the Middle East, how about an intelligence cover-up


On Friday just gone, the Office of the Director of National

Intelligence (ODNI) released a report identifying three Saudi

individuals, all in the inner orbit of MBS, as being complicit in some

way in the murder of Khashoggi. Yet just a few hours after

publication of the report online, it was hauled down shortly

thereafter only to be replaced with a redacted version minus the

three aforementioned culprits. What exactly is going on here?