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Eric Adams is Putting the Ass Back into Asylums

As Christmas fast approaches, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol may spring to mind. While that is a comforting nineteenth century Yuletide jaunt into what’s right and wrong, it’s still the product of a dark time of satanic mills and even more devilish asylums for the “mad”, poor and down-and-out. While asylums come from the past, and that’s where they should stay, not everyone in public office subscribes to that view. Enter NYC Mayor and all round purveyor of misery, Eric Adams. Just when you think he can’t get any lower, further down the rabbit hole he goes.

Adams is of course a one-trick pony of woe. His recent implementation of “involuntary hospitalization” for the city’s homeless and / or those with mental health conditions perfectly underlines that. Add to that how he is using the near paramilitary NYPD to do his bidding for that, with round-up sweeps of the undesirable, and that then needs to be Sharpie double underlined. It is fanciful to imagine, even for the most fleeting of seconds, a street-hardened NYPD cop being able to provide any immediate mental health evaluation of anyone living rough, on the streets, in parks or down in the subway, is as laughable as it is terrifying. Just the phrase “street round-ups” evokes images of Black Maria’s prowling through the streets of Nazi Berlin or Soviet Moscow.

In a country that fails to guarantee everyone somewhere to live, coupled with a wealth-care health-care system that is notoriously bad for ensuring the (mental) health well-being of all, and you have a recipe for disaster. And the head chef is of course our very own Eric Adams. He refers to “involuntary hospitalization” as having a “moral mandate” to “deliver for the city’s most vulnerable.” Quite where Adams draws that mandate from is anyone’s guess. Ouija board sessions to Hitler maybe? Or perhaps Trump is direct messaging Adams with some hints and tips on Truth Social? Whatever the source, it’s repellent.

Make no mistake, this is another step from Adams, hell no, leap from Adams, along the terrifying path to authoritarianism in both NYC and the country at large. The city’s most vulnerable get further abused, while Adams and his acolytes lick their lips with relish at the thought. It is hard to see what, if any, supposed benefits there are to be seen here. It is a slam-dunk of a failure that offers not even a hint of compassion or humanity to the most vulnerable and needy. Adams takes flimsy cover behind the theory of “removing barriers to hospitalization”. Question is though, whose barriers? Since taking up office, Adams has viewed the NYPD as his own paramilitary organization that is answerable to only him. Ever think that shock troops, like Hitler’s Brownshirts, could become a reality on the streets of the Big Apple? No? Well think again friend because Adams is right on course for doing just that. Adams is a turn-coat to not only to Black Americans but to all New Yorkers and, ultimately, all Americans. We’ve not long gotten rid of Trump and his ego. Now we have to contend with Adams’.

People are, by default, afforded the automatic right not to be hospitalized without their explicit or implied consent (implied consent has historically meant those who are unconscious or so seriously debilitated that they cannot communicate in any meaningful sense). Adams is demolishing that right not to be medically incarcerated before our very eyes. If you’re not concerned, like edge of your seat concerned, then you are not paying attention.

We here at TIPNation have been sounding the alarm bell about Adams for an age now. And we are absolutely right to continue to do so. He is not only a clear and present danger to NYC, but to all citizens and residents of the Republic. Involuntary hospitalization is a shocker to anyone of a rational mind. However to Eric Adams, when he looks in the mirror and blows a narcissistic kiss to himself, it all makes perfect sense. Such is the way of Adams. Such is the way of tyrants and tinpot dictators.

Just like how the ghosts in A Christmas Carol variously disappear into the ether, its way beyond time for Eric Adams to do the same. So lets pool our strength, focus and determination once more and exorcise the ghoul that is Mayor Eric Adams and his fiendish plan to return us to an age where asylums were a normal part of society.


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