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NO 100K COPS, We’re Not Going Underneath The Wheels Of That Bus

We all know it is a given that prevention is always better than cure. Well, all of us bar Joe Biden that is.

That’s because with his latest Crime Bill, he’s looking to spend a whopping $13 billion on recruiting an

extra 100,000 police officers across the country over the next five years. And in the vast majority of

cases, they are the “cure” as the police come into play after the crime has been committed, not before.

That is reactive as opposed to proactive – not preventative in the slightest. In stark contrast,

preventative action consists of crime reduction by ensuring that socio-economic inequality is effectively

addressed. Tackling poverty, bigotry and electoral disenfranchisement are way better ways to tackle

issues of crime before they happen.

We also know that historically, America’s Black communities are always on the wrong end of more

aggressive police tactics. Since George Floyd’s brutal murder in May 2020, well over 200 Black people

were killed by the police in just the following year alone. Don’t for a moment let anyone kid you that

that isn’t a massive problem for Black Americans. Likewise, don’t let anyone fool you into believing that

Joe Biden doesn’t know that. He damn well does, and what’s more, he has previous form, as we are

about to see.

In 1994, when he was a Senator for Delaware, Biden put forth, surprise-surprise, another Crime Bill. And

guess what? That very same bill called for, wait for it, 100,000 extra cops across the USA. In doing so,

Black America was hit the hardest, with increased mass incarceration of Black Americans. That bill

proved to be so messed up that years later, Biden admitted it had been a badly mistaken piece of

legislation. Guess he hasn’t learnt that lesson with his latest proposed Crime Bill? Insanity has of course

been defined as doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results each time.

Being killed by the police is a significant risk to Black Americans, particularly so for young males. It has

been calculated that that one in a thousand Black American men will suffer death at the hands of the


So, you don’t need to be a mix of mathematician and fortune teller to see that adding a further

100,000 cops across the country is only going to exacerbate that problem further. How many times do

you have to bang your head against a brick wall to realize that it hurts? Turns out that Joe Biden is quite

content to continue head-butting away regardless. How many George Floyds, Tamir Rices or any other

innocent Black person that has been murdered by cops, are out there right now, with time ticking,

before they meet their premature demise at the hands of the police?

So it is then that we Black Americans vehemently oppose being thrown under the Biden bus when it

comes to this latest travesty of a Crime Bill. Biden may think he’s the Southern aristocrat that rules the

Democrats political plantation, but he sure as Hell is wrong. We will fight his Crime Bill with just as much

determination and vigor that we have to seek meaningful socio-economic justice for non-White

Americans. The Crime Bill is just another manifestation of White oppression against Black America.

Sadly, we are more than used to this. Proudly, we resisted prior attempts to demean and oppress us. We

will be doing the same with this latest dark chapter too.

Quite why Biden and the majority of Democrats think that Black America continues to need to be

treated as millions and millions of second-class citizens, citizens who are forever in police crosshairs, is

as baffling as it is disturbing. Biden’s Crime Bill simply underscores that. He has repeatedly promised

police reforms, but those have not come remotely close to happening. Don’t hold your breath because

you’ll come up gasping for air. Time and again, Biden shows himself to be disingenuous, a servile

dinosaur of the DNC, vested interest, Corporate America and never, not once, a friend of Black America.

Your friends here at TIPNation do though have your back on this.

We seen it and we’ve called it for what it is – another attempt by the DNC/RNC (they are effectively one and the same) to subjugate us even more than we already are. Like so much other injustice – no, not this time!

Biden can go throw himself under the wheels of his own damn Crime Bill bus.


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