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Black Combat Veterans and Battle-Scarred Tour Operators are Alpha Cyber-monsters

As veterans, we learned many lessons that we were able to bring into civilian life.

And the one that resonates with us the most, now that we are political creatures, is that you always eliminate the threat in combat as soon as possible, because if not, that threat will come back and take you and your comrades out.

Progressive politicians would do well to remember that tactic in their fight against the reactionary, racist right-wing.

With that in mind, NYC Mayor Eric Adams needs to be stopped dead in his tracks, recalled and then tossed in the trash can of history for catastrophically inept, yet simultaneously dangerous, politicians. Adams projects a political swagger that belies his undiluted incompetence. He is dangerous and delusional, and he currently commands a small army of 30,000 of NYPD’s finest from Long Island and Staten Island. That is a travesty of service that needs to be rectified without delay.

Black Americans and Progressives need to use the whip of history, used with the vengeance of the slave master’s whip that our ancestors had to endure for so long, to stop Adams. His backers and overlords must be witness to those historical lashes raining down, inspired by our predecessors in their ancestral heaven of liberation and justice. No entity, organization or individual will ever hold the right to oppress law-abiding Black and Brown Americans with the likes of Stop and Frisk and racial profiling.

Take note Progressives, the Democrats are wounded and floundering and the last thing that need is Eric Adams masquerading underneath their limp and faded banner. Even more so with his declaration of his love for “legitimate” Stop and Frisk, during a global pandemic.

This is a potential deathblow to the DNC as how do you Stop and Frisk the sons and brothers of your most steadfast allies, Black and Brown women? Let’s not forget, how could we, that we have a Black woman as vice-president, literally a heartbeat away from the Oval Office and the nuclear codes. While the physical and political era of slavery is dead and buried, we need the analog DNC to know that the Democratic Party is dead to the 47 million African Americans that call America their home.

NYC is the beating heart of real America. New Yorkers are the blood to that heart. They know that the answer to crime and chronic unemployment is not even more draconian policies as espoused by Adams and the like. Such as:  Increased SWAT tactics. Not the answer.  Cutting off unemployment benefits. Not the answer  Ending rent protection. Not the answer.

Such actions are tantamount to a political and socio-economic declaration of war upon millions and millions of innocent New Yorkers. In contrast, what citizens of the Big Apple do know is that the real solution to rejuvenating the city, is the implementation of Andrew Yang’s 2K Universal Basic Income (UBI). This will be New Yorkers financial rock of stability in the storm of the COVID-19 end-game. It will also allow millions of tourism jobs to be created in both the US and the rest of the world as people around the globe rediscover their desire to travel and broaden their horizons like never before, having been constrained for so long. The American travel industry was in a downward death spiral prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. That was exclusively because of the rise of Airbnb. However, despite that new travel and tourism entity, we proclaim that Black and Brown America will never countenance Airbnb or any other exploitative capitalist entity to recolonize the travel and tourism industry to their benefit. We have the technology to do that as cyber-warriors. Our ancestor sadly knew no better. But we most certainly do. Put another way, if the $8.8 trillion dollar travel industry can’t share the post-pandemic revenue with a diverse marketplace, then they deserve to quickly wither away to a zero-fee state irrelevant oblivion. Our cherished hotel partners have suffered long enough! 25% commission is highway robbery.

Black and Brown America!

Now is the time to burn your banner and throw your marching shoes away. That’s because, for the first time in American history, 47 million digital savvy African Americans are going on the cyber-offensive.

In doing so, they will be enabled to politically neutralize the likes of Eric Adams, as they refuse to allow him to become Black America’s Hitler.

We need a great digital political migration.

In 2022 and beyond, we must rely on our own mettle to fight our battles and to support that, mine our own metaverse coins. In contrast, analog Democrats cannot be trusted to mine their own coins in the digital era -like a round peg into a square hole.

Black and Brown America! Real Americans put everything on the line for genuine freedom and genuine justice. On the other hand, cowards tamely get stopped, questioned, and frisked.

Let us unite under the Travel in Peace Nation banner for a digital, morally upstanding fight that has been brewing for the last 157 years. This is also a battle to have Vice-President Harris elevated to the Oval Office and for her cyber-monster supporters to run a 2K UBI post- pandemic New York State and America.

This will be a bloodless revolution that we are going to win. Period.



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