Operation Politics &Tourism Re-Imagined for all New Yorkers

Question for you. Did you know, according to news-channel, Millennials rate

travel as more important than sex or Netflix? That is how powerful the alure of discovery

beyond American borders truly is. Travel and tourism are already huge. Once the COVID

Great Recovery starts, it’s going to become bigger still. As Progressive political activists,

we absolutely have to harness that cutting edge power for our cause. Failure to do so is as

inconceivable as it would be disastrous.

Consider this. The hotel industry has been fighting the BnB tourism market tooth and nail

for years now. That of course is to be expected, as when every vested interest is

challenged, they inevitably come out fighting and pull out all the stops. The BnB market is

already on the way to raising tourism revenue by billions, if not trillions, from sea to shining

sea. And what that means is a fundamental shift in the dynamic of what has traditionally

been the case before – that the established hotel industry expects and gets every last cent.

Now though, that money is going to millions of homeowners, regular Americans, rather than

the offshore accounts of the billionaire class. The BnB Liberation Movement (another BLM

if you like) is enfranchising homeowners like nothing before.

That in turn allows us to build an impervious platform for growing and managing our new

shared economy communities. And those communities are the beating heart of our mission

to advocate for Travel in Peace politics. We are founding political action committees and

identifying candidates who will fight unjust anti-BnB and anti-tourism legislation. We also

provide additional economic opportunities through our TIPBnB, TIPCruise.NYC and TIPTours


Here is an outline of how that works. Every community will have their own hosts and guides

that manage each destination. That in turn strengthens our brand, raises our profile and

allows small, locally owned businesses to be supported. That also includes independently

owned hotels (via No other political entity comes close to that. With that

kind of potential to regular homeowners, you can just see the DNC, GOP and the alt-right

looking on with wide-eyed confusion and fear and hear those Confederate leaders spinning

in their unholy graves.

We arrived at this strategy after seeing the blundering bully-boy Democrats shut down one

AirBnB after another in the lucrative NYC market. That has clearly underscored the

ongoing love affair between the Democrats and their corporate backers. What chance for

the average American in the face of that, especially so as the DNC try and portray

themselves as the progressive alternative to the rabid GOP. What a joke. Sadly, AirBnB

continues to face multiple legal challenges, not only in the US, but around the globe. Those

lawsuits are funded by the corporate backed hotel industry (spot a link anyone?) and the

billionaires who own those. We have a clear mandate from the people to represent them by

way of a new political party. We are empowering homeowners to use their own homes as

they wish and not have to bend the knee and grovel before the billionaires. We declare that