Could It Get Any Worse For Asian Americans? Trump Made Sure It Did.

It would be something of an understatement to say that race has

never been America’s forte. In fact, it’s been downright damn awful

since the country’s inception. Consequently, the world has looked on

for way too long now at a morally ambiguous United States that has

preached to the rest of the world regarding human rights, but at

the same time, for centuries, has been a race relations train-wreck.

Black Americans have held the massively unfortunate accolade of

being white America’s most visible racial victims of choice. Slavery,

Jim Crow, lynchings, police brutality, socio-economic

disenfranchisement and so on and so on.

Yet that misery is not just

black America’s burden to bear, far from it. White supremacist

hatred really does hate anything else other than white. Sure, the

Irish, Italians and Slavs, to name but a select few, have all come in

for their fair share of mistreatment in the United States, but that

was relatively fleeting. In stark contrast, anti-Asian racism, just

like ongoing black oppression, keeps on going and going.

A later start than black Americans, Asian-Americans first tasted

the acrid bile of white supremacy in the mid-nineteenth century.

Chinese labor that came to America to mine the mines and build the

railroads were excluded from regular society by way of both

legislation and every day societal “regular” discrimination. Fast