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Daunte Wright. When Does This Ever Stop?

The China Syndrome was a theory that if a nuclear power plant

experienced a critical mass melt-down, the energy of its out of

control core would simply keep on burning down and down through

the Earth’s core, headed for China. And here we now are with our

own racial inequality China Syndrome, with the slaughter of Daunte

Wright. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any lower, any

worse, yet another innocent Black life is snuffed out on the streets

of every-day America, by law enforcement either not fit for

purpose, out of control, or most likely both.

Daunte was twenty years old. Not even a third of three score year

and ten. And now he has forever gone, shot dead in the chest by a

police-woman who claims to have been reaching for her taser, not

her firearm. This murder was committed by one officer Kim Potter

of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, police. She had been with that

particular force since 1995. That’s 26 years and some-how we are

supposed to accept that a “professional” of that service and stature

couldn’t make a determination between a taser and a firearm?

People, we have gone so far down the Alice in Wonder rabbit hole,

we too are doing our own version of the China Syndrome.

That the trial of Derek Chauvin is happening a mere ten miles away

from this latest atrocity just makes it an even more of a rancidly

racist pill to swallow. Little known fact – the motto of the state of

Minnesota is “L'etoile du Nord”, which translates as “the Star of the

North.” That’s great, except that it’s really not at all. Not now.

Maybe something like “If you’re Black and out and about, watch


Yet if only it was Minnesota that has had this anti-Black police

problem. As we all know, it is not. Far from it. Every day we wake

up, there is every likelihood that we will tune in or read about yet

another Black American being gunned down by a white American cop.

There is a lop-sided debate currently raging about whether or not

“white privilege” exists or not. That it clearly does is self-evident

to anyone with a semi-functioning mind. However, to clarify,

consider the following:

White American in his car gets stopped by a cop: “Damn, like I need

this. Late to work already and now I get a ticket on top of that.

What a day. At least I’m not going to get shot.”

Black American in his car gets stopped by a cop: “Damn, I may

actually, for real, get shot here. What a day. I could genuinely end

up being killed.”

American police forces across the country really need to have a

word with their public relations teams because on the basis of what

continues to emerge day after day, Black American death after

Black American death, their mission statements are increasingly

becoming stained with innocent blood red.

Yet if Kaepernick or James take a knee or make a social media

stance about such injustice, that is somehow reprehensible? How

does that work? After a Civil War? After a Civil Rights movement?

After the first Black President? Still, we are supposed to bend our

knees and tug our forelocks before these criminal cops and their

political backers across the length and breadth of this country of

supposed liberty? As preposterous as it is breath-taking.

Derek Chauvin needs to be sent down for LIFE. Kim

Potter needs to go for the same. Maybe she could take a prison

course in identifying the difference between a gun and a taser? The

underlying, still not defeated Confederacy, that underscores this

country, needs to be sent down for ever.

Daunte is another name, another face, and sadly another victim, of

white America’s incessant onslaught against its own Black people.

The vast majority of the Democratic party that say they will go to

war for the people that they proclaim to represent is a transparent

fallacy that not only do the majority of American people see

through, the rest of the world does too.

If America was a non-white, non-Western nation,

Its own State Department would long ago

have declared it to a be a racist, failed state, ripe for the

application of punishing international sanctions.

Can Black America endure much more? It shouldn’t have to. But if

needs be, it sure as hell will. We have Daunte, George and millions of

others on our side. You in comparison have nothing more than a

faded, jaded, hollowed out history of failure.


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