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Did Eric Adams Inadvertently Help NY Republicans Get Elected to House? Critics Say So.

While Democrats were recently celebrating a stronger-than-expected midterm performance

across much of the U.S, NYC and New York state were bucking that trend. The Democrats

racked up loss after loss and anemic results that led to a bout of finger-pointing and

recrimination within the party.

The GOP flipped four New York state congressional seats. That included one held by

distinguished Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. Maloney ran the House Democrats’ campaign arm.

How much of a telling blow was that? Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, won her race against

Republican Lee Zeldin by mere single digits in what should have been a shoe-in for the

Democrats. It was the closest governor’s race in New York state in decades. Yet more evidence

of Democrat ineptitude, as if we needed it. Governor Hochul, NY state was a solid blue until Eric

Adams and Joe Biden came along. The dots are joined up. You simply cannot deny that any


We look like blithering generational fools supporting the Democrats – a party that has brazenly

being trying to enslave our people for decades. Black America saved Biden in both 2020 and

2022. Our reward? Our compensation? Damn “stop and frisk.” Let there be no doubt that so-

called “centrist” Democrats are actually Republican to the core. And we all know what that

entails. Evidence of that is their hard-nosed refusal to eradicate the archaic and unjust

Congressional filibuster. America is undoubtedly a deadly dangerous racist country. Society is

laced with a racist sickness that has already displaced millions of Black individuals, myself

included. It’s no coincidence that presently only 30% of Black men are employed. That’s purely

by malicious design.

Women also won the midterms for the Democrats because following the attack on Roe v Wade,

they are fired up for the biggest political battle in history. So, this is a call out to VP Kamala

Harris. Women and Black America voted for you, while Biden just happened to be on the same

ticket. The Democrats know they can't win without the Black vote and a Black candidate on the

presidential ticket. And that gives us unpresented political power. We long to be off Jim Crow

the Democrats political penal plantation. We are not our parents acquiescent, compliant


VP Harris, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and Stacey Abrams you of all people know that

Biden is a senile octogenarian that can’t hide his mental decline. A wise man once said: “the

skill in attending a party is knowing when it is time to leave.” So, make your excuses (or not) and

head on out of the squalid Democratic party. Further, the DNC has absolutely no plan in place

to either fight the pending cyber-war or unite the country. Democrats could have designed the

technology to unleash an app to unite all their voters nationwide. But they glaringly didn’t. What

does that not only tell us, but hammer home to us? Andrew Yang is right technology will

displace millions of workers and only 2K UBI will remedy that once in an epoch change.

Restarting and reimagining travel and Blockchain technology will win elections across the board.

As will digital supremacy, not the biggest corporate funded war chest. If the future is digital and

your political party is the tour operator of your life then it only makes sense to join a party that is

digitized, weaponized, monetized and mechanized.

We are, and remain, steadfastly the Travel in Peace (TIP) Political Party and believe that our

zero fee Blockchain party model will stabilize the billion dollars global crypto markets. We

believe that an American political party should have and invest in their own coin. We believe

that 90 million young people are ready for a new political party that embraces Blockchain

technology, global travel, 2KUBI and universal healthcare.

We hold that you too believe in that. If you do, believe in us and join us. We absolutely can do





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