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Know this Black America. 156 years ago, a mere historical blink of an eye, our

ancestors were violently shorn from the bondage of physical, plantation slavery.

Little did they know they were then headed from that jettisoned plantation to

another, this time an insidious political plantation of Jim Crow, segregation and

day-today discrimination. This a burning injustice that continues to glow as

bright as the midday sun.

Throughout history, it has been evident that political parties must evolve or

perish. Quite clearly, today’s Republican party is in an implosive death spiral of

representing an ever-diminishing demographic of angry, white, elderly males.

That much is a given. However, so too is today’s Democratic party as it refuses

to ditch the likes of hillbilly Joe Manchin or turn-coat, wannabe Republican yet

epic failure, Eric Adams.

We have visited this issue before, the meaningless two-party system that has

dominated US politics for decades now, and it is worth visiting it again. A

pendulum that swings between racist and racist-lite, is nothing more than a

racist pendulum. The litmus test of that then is this – if after years and years

of either Democrat or Republican presidents and administrations, socio-

economic conditions for Black Americans have not improved at all. In fact, they

have markedly worsened with increasingly horrific police brutality, mass

incarceration, and a system that allows the scum of the alt-right to find ground

in the political mainstream. And of course, the dangerous joke that was Donald


Conservative Manchin sees him self as a king-maker in a Senate that tilts ever

so gently in favor of the Democrats. Yet the royal robes he professes to wear

are as see-through as his phony progressive credentials. Don’t be fooled by Eric

Adams either. Originally a strident voice against “stop and frisk” policing, he

has now, unbelievably, reversed his position on that. Like a supposed

“abolitionist” that goes on to embrace slavery, it’s a pathetic as it is dangerous.

All this against the back-drop of mass incarceration of millions of Black African

men being the brainchild of Joe Biden (Democrat) that was signed into law by

then president Bill Clinton (Democrat).

We therefore make a clarion call to genuine progressives in the Democratic

party to bring their energy and vision to us, by migrating from the Jim Crow

Democrats political plantation so as to create our own, stand-out, political travel

blockchain party. We have the right people and technology in place, primed and

ready to strike. Yet there is more still for us all to do to enhance the

movement. Ask yourself this – if the future is digital, how will it be used to

change the world for the benefit of the many not the few, the oppressed and

not the oppressors, the just not the unjust? It is beyond doubt that one day

greatness will be firmly in our grasp. But rather than waiting, can we reach for

that greatness now? Do we have the laser-focus of foresight that allows us to

seize that prize?

When the US, with NYC at the vanguard, puts its mind to it, it can do practically

anything. Powerful problems drive powerful dreams. Think of American boots

on the moon, the Berlin airlift, or mass motor-vehicle production for the masses.

The US, with NYC as its beating heart of industry, creativity and diamond-

strength grit, saved the world from the threat of Nazi Germany and Imperial

Japan in the Second World War, swinging the pendulum firmly in favor of the

Allies, thus ensuring eventual victory. Likewise, fast forward to today’s NYC, in

the midst of the COVID-storm, emerging stronger and more vibrant than ever

before. COVID has met its match with the Big Apple. It was always going to be

that way. It was never in doubt.

Consequently, we would like to introduce “Operation COVID-19”, whereby

vaccinated over-seas tourists engage in a recovery exchange with New York City

citizens. Add to that our “10k cash for 10k foreign tourist exchange program”

and NYC’s place as the world’s capital city is cemented yet further still. 182

countries around the world are welcome to engage with us. Italy and Ireland

are given a particular VIP-invite status given their DNA being intertwined so

closely with that of NYC.

And always remember, never forget, you are the tour operator of your own




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