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Eric Adams, Immoral Time Traveller

With war between Russia and Ukraine, the latter with heavy Western backing, it feels almost like the clock has been turned back 40 years with a new Cold War. The world feels like it is somehow in reverse, with old postures and attitude that have long been laid to rest, lurching back to life as twenty-first century zombies. It’s scary, bizarre and unsettling, unless of course you are NYC Mayor Eric Adams. Adams loves the past so much he virtually lives in it. And that of course comes with a whole load of unsavory, bigoted baggage.

Not content with shadily appointing his brother to a government position and still fixated with “Stop and Frisk”, Adams has now opted to highlight his homophobic credentials for all to see. In a shocking, but at the same time completely unsurprising move (this is Adams after all), Adams has recently appointed three individuals to his city administration that all have shockingly homophobic histories. And here’s your roll-call in sexuality-hatred:

Fernando Cabrera: A long history of condemning anything but heterosexual marriage and, for extra measure, went out to Uganda in 2014, a country with a notoriously homophobic government that he heaped lavish praise upon for being just that. Shock, horror, now that he is in the public eye of day-to-day New Yorkers, Cabrera has recanted, saying it was all a big mistake on his behalf. Yeah right.

Gilford Monrose: has a long history of condemning gay marriage and, just for the sake of extra hatred, has previously referred to homosexuality as “a lifestyle I don’t agree with.” Which is ironic, as New Yorkers don’t agree with you and your Dark Ages views Mr. Monrose. He claims to have moved on since then. And we are supposed to just turn a blind eye to this because Eric Adams thinks this is a good idea?

Erick Salgado: a Reverend with all the Jesus-like qualities of Attila the Hun. His Christian “charity” has previously seen him state that homosexuality is a “mortal sin” (along with abortion for extra effect). Of course, this is another sudden miraculous conversion from bigotry to enlightenment upon appointment to Adams’ administration.

Not that this needs to be said, but keep in mind that Adams is Mayor of one of the most, if not the most, diverse cities in the world. Still he doesn’t get it. And never will.

This is of course part of a bigger problem with not only Adams, but of the Democratic party in general. And that problem is that it is morally and spiritually bankrupt and rotten to the core. The idea that the Democratic party is somehow on the side of regular Americans, of an American society that is as diverse as it is as large, is a cruel joke. Which is why Adams is happy to call it his political home. Having been hijacked by the oligarchs of the billionaire class, morality such as social and economic justice, are simply no longer found within the DNA of the Democrats.

Why else would the likes of Manchin, Sinema, Biden and Schumer be found there.

It is self-evident to not only us in TIPNation, but also within the American Progressive and Democratic Socialist movements, that fundamental change is needed. Constantly re-generating homophobic, racist and misogynistic politicians, like a bigots’ version of Dr. Who, is as tiresome as it is as dangerous. And guess what? The majority of

Nazis who were tried at the Nuremburg war trials expressed after the event supposed “regret.”

Messrs. Adams, Cabrera, Monrose and Salgado, we see you for exactly what you are. Bigots backed by billionaires -pure and simple. You, and others, are a slap in the face to New Yorkers who live real lives, feel real pain, and always yearn for better days. That is what politics is about – belief. Not bigotry. Not homophobia. Not racism. Or any other discriminatory creed that the rotten American two-party system allows to continue to fester to the detriment of the People.

Adams has only been in office a matter of two months or so and still he heaps dishonor after dishonor upon his office. Naturally, the mainstream Democratic party couldn’t give two hoots as to them, it’s just business as usual. Well, here’s the stop press. We care and you’re done. Adams, make sure you and your homophobic cohorts have your bags packed and ready to go. Because we are coming for you as we look to the future. No matter how much you keeping yearning for the past.


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