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Fraternal greetings to all and every American!

TIP Voice is here, 24/7, 365, to let TIP Political Party broadcast our opinion of the

USA and the world today. We are steadfast in staying transparent with our

viewpoints. So, if you read something on TIP Voice, rest assured we believe it. You

are of course welcome to reprint any of our blog posts, but only so long as you give

clear credit to TIP Voice. We pride ourselves on our “zero-donation” policy to

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fashioned way – with and

Now, to business. And by that we mean Biden’s upcoming impeachment. We all know

that he was caught red-handed by Governor Hochul for fabricating the crime

conspiracy in NYC. He has also been shown to be manufacturing migrant migration

to mostly urban cities. And then once in those cities? The 1% ruling class then

ensures that weaponized Black Nazi mayors are in power so that they can then

corral those migrants into falling foul of their sadistic for-profit prison regime.

Biden and his Democrat stooges must think that New Yorkers are stupid and can’t

see the night and day difference between Governor Hochul shutting down six

prisons (the prison population has declined to 50% of what it was in the 90s), while

at the same time, NYC Mayor Eric Adams has brought back contemporary slave

patrols. All the while, crime is on the decline. And there is very good reason for

that ongoing “lock ‘em up” onslaught. Biden was the architect of mass incarceration

in the 90s. We instinctively knew that he would try it again when he became

President, while at the same time, we also knew that “stop and frisk” NYC Mayor

Eric Adams was crawling out from underneath his rock. Bloomberg’s 1% are insane

if they think that Black America will casually let Biden and Adams enslave newly

arrived, innocent immigrants in their donor sponsored prisons. Those immigrants

are coming for the “American Dream”, not lock, key and jail bars. As Black America

will testify, that is not a dream but a nightmare.

Governor Hochul – you must divest yourself from this emerging, Orwellian police

state. Black men are not Biden’s generational free labor force. Consequently, Black

men will not allow these two fascists to run amok with our lives and liberty. You and

your prisons can go to Hell. You read the headlines - we believe that you are a

victim of circumstance. Want further proof? They never expected Andrew Cuomo

to step down. He was the mastermind and surely would have accommodated the

1%’s plans to re-enslave Black America as well as newly arrived migrants. You can’t

deny that you discovered the Democrats nefarious plans.

TIP Political Party’s solution, and the only solution come to that, for the 100,000

migrants currently rotting in NYC’s shelter purgatory is to have them peacefully

repatriated. The $12 billion plus that the corrupted Democrats are demanding to

house migrants must immediately be directed to AOC’s Climate and Tourism Corps.

Then, when returning the migrants to their home country, we need to furnish them

with soon to be President Harris’ UBI coin. It is common sense to pay them to stay

in their country and build up their tourism industries, as opposed to rotting in a 1%

prison, working for 16 cents an hour.

Biden should have long ago stepped down and endorsed his Vice President. Fellow

Americans, let’s ensure that the analog slavery era die with Biden and the Silent

Generation. We see as clear as day that white Democrats are plotting to replace

Biden with none other than Gavin Newsom, yet another prison slave labor Democrat

who refuses to pay reparations to Black America or remove the “slavery” clause

from California’s constitution. Take note – TIP Political Party is prepared to go to

war with both the GOP and DNC to recoup the $14 trillion in reparations due.

Vilifying, blackballing, red-lining and hiding behind Black mayors is the only tactic

that mediocre White men know. That’s why we are launching President Harris,

Abrams and AOC’s presidential campaigns. (We are convinced that Justice

Department Democrats were paid off to reduce their staff, effectively

blackballing AOC and her squad. To the 160 million women that call America their

home, this is the golden opportunity for women to govern over new emerging

technology. President Harris, AOC, Stacey Abrams and Governor Hochul must rule

over Crypto, AI Blockchain technology and the dawning Digital Era.

Crypto America – let’s put 160 million women to work, “travelling” on AOC’s climate

and tourism emerging travel blockchain to over 180 countries. We let the TIP

Nation.NYC and TIP Travelcoin lead the way establishing our coin on Crypto

exchanges worldwide, all guaranteed by the power of the US government and the

world’s first Crypto President, Kamal Harris.

President Harris’ promise to migrants – if you left your home country because of

violence, we will deploy our special forces and embed Navy SEALS to solve the

problem. However, we truly believe that rebuilding your tourism industry is the real

answer and, if needs be, having TIP TravelCoin as a backup form of currency to

stabilize your economy. In short, Biden could have easily solved the migrant

problem by keeping the border closed and sending the migrants humanely back to

their home countries.

New Yorkers making 100k a year can no longer make it in the city without some

side hustle. And we all know that the pandemic destroyed the city’s jobs market

and normalized remote work, heaping yet more emotional re-adjustment on the

city. After all, there are only so many dishwasher jobs available. The world

experienced and survived the pandemic’s two year shut down by embracing

technology and remote work. Further, we believe that Andrew Yang was right – we

must implement 2K UBI for every American so as to offset the GOP and DNC’s

generational slavery schemes.

And finally, two more issues to flag up.

First, to the 19 billionaires that made their fortunes in Crypto, take heed that the

American people have very long memories. Biden’s prison slave labor Democrats

don’t give a damn about those same American voters. Their only concern is

maintaining their overlords $80 billion for-profit prison industry.

Second, to the billions of young people worldwide, this is your planet, literally your

worldly inheritance. AOC and her Climate and Tourism Corps will ensure that. AOC

is the new incarnation of Mother Nature herself.

President Harris, TIP Voice reporting for duty Ma'am


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