Human history is littered with iconic images and film footage. Take your pick

from the atomic bomb erupting over Hiroshima, the assassination of Kennedy,

the fall of the Berlin Wall and so on. In May of last year, another piece of film

footage, albeit an utterly horrifying one, entered the annals of shared human

existence. That was the murder of George Floyd by a state-paid assassin

masquerading as a law enforcement officer, Derek Chauvin. We won’t linger

on the gory details of George’s death – it is so well known and gets worse every

time you watch it or ponder on it.

The US and the rest of the world is now waiting on justice to come crashing

down on Chauvin’s head and rightly so. Passions though are running at

stratospheric levels and the feel of Minneapolis and other major American cities

right now is that of a tinder box. Sadly, American justice has more often than

not let down the black victims of police brutality and allowed the assailants to

literally get away with murder. Surely Chauvin will be convicted of second-

degree murder? Right? Well hopefully, yes. And if he isn’t? What if he walks

free or is convicted of a more minor charge?

The political implications, not to mention the optics, of black mobs running riot

and burning down shops, businesses and city centers would be a disaster. Even

more so given that that would be on Vice President Kamala’s watch. That is a

tsunami of negative public relations and fruit that is so low-hanging that it is on

the floor for Republicans, Trumpers, white supremacists and racists. Just

imagine Fox News or OANN gushing over those images, screaming “BLM is

Marxist” or “Antifa are at it again” – best run for your gun and back the thin

blue line even more than before.

Chauvin’s trial can end in two monumental ways for the country. The first is

that Chauvin is convicted, sente