The United States of America. 245 years old. One revolution. One civil war.

46 presidents. A decisive role in ending two world wars. A moon landing.

And a shaping of the modern world that is incomparable to any other country.

Yet how could all of that nearly succumbed to the narcissistic will of a man

with a disposition so toxic and malevolent, that his name will for sure be used as

a curse word for centuries to come – Donald J. Trump

For a man so accustomed to “winning” as Trump likes to bloviate about so

often, he sure has won the gold medal of being impeached, and twice no less.

His presidency ended in complete violent disarray, shunned by erstwhile

business partners, silenced by Twitter, mocked and loathed around the span of

the planet and, once more, being tried by Congressional impeachment.