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The United States of America. 245 years old. One revolution. One civil war.

46 presidents. A decisive role in ending two world wars. A moon landing.

And a shaping of the modern world that is incomparable to any other country.

Yet how could all of that nearly succumbed to the narcissistic will of a man

with a disposition so toxic and malevolent, that his name will for sure be used as

a curse word for centuries to come – Donald J. Trump

For a man so accustomed to “winning” as Trump likes to bloviate about so

often, he sure has won the gold medal of being impeached, and twice no less.

His presidency ended in complete violent disarray, shunned by erstwhile

business partners, silenced by Twitter, mocked and loathed around the span of

the planet and, once more, being tried by Congressional impeachment.

The evidence of Trump’s incitement of the insurrectionist mob that stormed the

Capitol is absolutely damning. He had been revving up his most dangerous,

froth-at-the-mouth supporters about the fantasy of a stolen election for months.

His hateful hyperbole and rabid rhetoric was lapped up by millions of the

MAGA faithful. Trump simply lit the final fuse to the bomb of insurrection on

January 6 th and the rest is now a shocking history that no-one in their right mind

could have previously thought possible in the USA of the twenty-first century.

Congressional Democrats, so often guilty of lackluster ineptitude in so many

different ways over the years, got it right this time. Absolutely right. They

excelled with their opening arguments, and supporting video evidence, in the

first three days of the hearing. By all accounts, all members of Congress,

regardless of political stripe, watched the videos of the bloody, deadly storming

of the Capitol, wide-eyed and silent. It was, as we could all see, as bad as we

thought it was, if not worse:

 Law enforcement officers attacked and killed;

 Threats to execute Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence (Mike Pence!);

 Chuck Schumer and Mitt Romney literally having to run for their lives

from the mob;

 Destruction and looting of property;

 The halls of democracy stomped all over by armed insurrectionist thugs

who had been animated by Trump to “stop the steal” and “fight like hell”

over and over again.

Trump was the epicenter of all of this. If his blatantly inflammatory actions are

not worthy of an impeachment conviction, then what exactly is? Yet still the

majority of Senate Republicans are set to acquit Trump. Sure, five or six may

vote with the Senate Democrats to convict, but that is way short of the threshold

number of 17 Republicans required for the impeachment to result in conviction.

The lack of back-bone shown by the majority of Republicans not only in the

Senate, but across the country, is now into the realms of out and out make

believe. Trump has gone, sulking at Mar-a-Lago, a now receding nightmare,

awaiting not only the result of the impeachment trial, but undoubtedly of any

number of pending criminal actions against him too. His rotten sun is setting,

that’s for sure, but his grip on the GOP is far from loosened. Trump retains a

near god-like status with millions of his “base” across the land. For them,

Trump could turn the country’s nuclear arsenal upon itself and still they would

salivate over him.

Therein lies the feeble logic of why so many GOPers still back Trump – they

are petrified of him turning the MAGA-millions on their electoral chances.

Electoral expediency means way, way more to them than justice, country, the

American people or just plain ole doing the right thing for decency’s sake. If

ever you needed any more evidence of the GOP now being the cult party of

Trump, there it is, laid bare before us all.

Trump has blood on his hands for the events of January 6 th 2021. And every

GOP Senator that votes to acquit in his second impeachment trial, will have just

as much on theirs. Never again should anyone ever be preached to by GOPers

that they are the party of “law and order” and “patriotism.” They sold their

political and moral souls to a conman, grifter devil and would happily see their

country’s democratic apparatus hauled to the ground, rather than denounce or

deny him.

The USA was founded as a democratic nation of laws, not of men. For sure,

those laws have sometimes been wickedly wrong, but still, the principle was

there. Yet that nation of laws was nearly stopped dead in its tracks by a single

man - Donald J. Trump.

GOP. This is now firmly on you. Act now, do the right thing, for once in your

shoddy political lives, or you are a never to be forgotten national disgrace.



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