Anyone with any semblance of sanity wanted him gone. The Twitter

tantrums, the agonizing attempts at being presidential, the hatred,

the rage, the buffoonery, all that was the painful joke that was

Trump in the Oval Office. Let alone Biden, a rusted rake would have

been a better choice than man-baby Donald. He had to go, but what

now of Biden as president? How is the progressive future set to

fare under his tutelage?

Biden is of course, bar one huge exception, the walking, talking

embodiment of traditional American presidents – male, white and the

wrong side of 60. In other words – same old, same old. Sure, Biden

may work hard for the US to reclaim its prior position as leader of

the free world, but still, he believes that cannabis is a “gateway

drug.” Biden is as Biden does – a pragmatic, centrist, career

politician, firmly in hock to corporate America. And never overlook

how he has previously rubbed shoulders with racist politicians in the

past, all in the name of “compromise.”

Well, compromise be damned. Like an avalanche that has started

and cannot now be stopped, Biden is increasingly becoming unglued.

Remember back in the presidential debates with Trump how he would

on occasion lose track of what he was saying, meandering into a

morass of visible confusion and concern? Well, that mental decline

isn’t going anywhere soon. Far from it – it’s seemingly getting worse.

Point in question? Biden’s beyond bizarre recent press conference