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In times like these, it is more apparent than ever that every Black American must be prepared tolay

Joe Biden and the Jim Crow

Democrats fundamental business practices are no longer worth the paper that they are written

on in a digital era that belongs to us. As much as they may try and artificially glorify the 13 th

Amendment, Biden and Bloomberg’s insatiable appetite for free prison labor is as clear as day.

On top of that, America’s political split-personality continues to baffle the best of us. And here is

a prime example. California, that bastion of liberal progressivism, is well known for its protection

of immigrants as actual human beings, promoting women’s rights and being at the vanguard of

fighting climate change. Yet in July of this year, in a state which widely celebrated Juneteenth,

the state’s Senate incredulously failed to pass Assembly Constitutional Amendment 3 (ACA3).

For the uninitiated, ACA3 proposed to do away with the lingering language of “Involuntary

Servitude” in California’s constitution, a hang-over from the Civil War that has been allowed to

fester ever since.

Just how can California claim to be the nation’s progressive leader if they can’t wipe away a

remnant of slavery of all things? Well, consider this. The blood-soaked legacy of slavery and

forced labor (Involuntary Servitude) actually deep in the history of the Golden State.

Consequently, California is one of nine states that keeps Involuntary Servitude on its judicial

books as a form of criminal punishment in prison. In contrast, and to their credit, Colorado,

Nebraska and Utah have already removed the penal Involuntary Servitude clauses from their

constitutions. With that as the case, how on Earth has the California situation come about? Why

was Involuntary Servitude in California’s constitution at all? The federal prohibition of slavery

was conceived by Lincoln’s presidential proclamation that was ultimately expanded by

ratification of the 13 th Amendment. Yet at the same time, that same amendment contains

language allowing for Involuntary Servitude as a criminal punishment – something that

California has opted to hang on to in its own constitution.

For prison inmates in California, Involuntary Servitude, and refusing to comply is a big deal. The

work they do is a punishment as opposed to being focused on rehabilitation. When inmates

refuse to work, their liberties can be further curtailed. They can, for example, be placed in

solitary confinement, have restricted visitation rights and other demeaning penalties. That

Involuntary Servitude exception was never even a thing until it was slipped into the 13 th

Amendment with the supposed “end” of slavery. Never kid yourself, slavery never went away, it

just stealthy morphed into its next sinister guise, completely under the radar. So it is then that

penal Involuntary Servitude is yet another component of the racist formula that historically

makes up our nation.

Add to that how a recent study by UC Berkeley identified that a staggering $150 million revenue

is generated annually by California’s incarcerated individuals, then you start to get a better

understanding of why this abomination continues. And let’s not forget that prison lobbyists are

donating millions to both the DNC and GOP solely to imprison Black men. Incarcerated people

are human beings, not work mules. $150 million is an insane amount of human misery put in

place to prop up corporate America's greed.

With NYC in mind in particular, this brings us, sadly but inevitably, to Mayor Eric Adams. His

candidacy, let alone his taking office, should have been the death of the Democratic Party.

When a technologically advanced city such as New York elects an ex-cop for Mayor, it sends a

signal to every educated American that the Democratic party is vapid and soulless.

As we have identified before, we will not allow Eric Adams to become Black America's Hitler.

Likewise, Adams will not be allowed to become the Jim Crow Democrats urban pro-police

poster-child. Nor will he be allowed to continue to terrorize Brownsville, South Bronx and other

marginalized communities in NYC, hunting for victims to incarcerate so as to keep the DNC’s

corporate lobbyists happy. Joe Biden's Democratic Party is one of the most disrespectful and

disgusting political parties on the planet. Eric Adams's actions are despicable and treasonous,

and Black New Yorkers are not, and I repeat are not, his free labor to give to his slave masters.

We no longer will be hunted like dogs by the NYPD – the very definition of “stop and frisk.” And

by the way, to all the black celebrities hanging out with Hitler Adams, go visit Brownsville at

night and see if you still feel the same way the morning after.

Want another example? Adams’ reducing the city’s education budget by almost $400 million is

an attempt by his white supremacist overlords to stop the next generation of Black New Yorkers

getting a decent education. And yet money can be found for a $10 billion dollar police budget.

After 400 plus years of the White man's whip, Eric Adams is flirting with history if he thinks he'll

be able to use that whip much longer without the Democratic party imploding. Think again Hitler


Joe Biden’s slave patrols are thriving under corrupt and incompetent Adams’ watch. We know

that both crime and prison populations are down. So too is the birth rate. Black America, just like

the rest of the country, are having less children. What that means is that there are less Black

men to be incarcerated. Add to that how young men are enthralled with their video games, they

now spend more time than ever indoors. That in turn means that the DNC have been perfectly

content to see the return of the abhorrent practice of “stop and frisk.” That’s straight out of the

playbook of desperation. Take another example – the prison population of New York state is

down 50% compared to the last 90s. Consequently, prison towns across the state, and across

the country, are starting to wither and die. The penal-judicial infrastructure, from correction

officers to prosecutors, is being negatively impacted as a result.

Democrats are delusional and dangerous if they think Black Americans will sit on the sidelines

and watch two psychopaths destroy another generation of precious Black individuals to

America's penal plantation political parties. To the 160 million females that call America home,

we say this.

The Democrats generational focus on securing their two million prison population,

rotting in prison, with almost 3 million on parole is why Roe v Wade was overturned. That’s an

awful lot of angry voters out of action. The DNC’s reliance on cheap prison labor must come to

an end. They already ruined millions, maybe a billion, of African-Americans lives throughout the

centuries. Bloody enough is enough.


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