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Kamala Harris presidency is our vision for the future.

Cast your mind back to the late 80s / early 90s. The Cold War was finally done, and the West had “won.” Hell, we were so sure that the trans-Atlantic model of freedom, democracy and free trade, headed up the US, was invincible for the rest of time to come. Francis Fukuyama encapsulated this heady, idealist expectation with his best-selling book The End of History and the Last Man. It was oh so simple. But then, it absolutely wasn’t.

Fast forward 45 years and that model lies in ruins. “Strongmen” are to be found across the globe. Democracies are now threatened by supposed “managed democracies”, overseen by authoritarian populists, autocrats and out and out dictators. Not since 1945 has the democratic order of the West seen such an existential threat to itself. China saber rattles across the Pacific. Russia invades Ukraine. Iran formulates havoc in the Middle East. And then there’s Israel. Oh Israel.

For a nation founded on the back of genocidal persecution, Israel now has no qualms in inflicting the same on the Palestinians of Gaza. For the avoidance of doubt, we whole-heartedly condemn the Hamas attack on innocent Israelis of October 7th last year. However, the unrestrained Israeli response since then, with the death of tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians, many of which are babies and children, is just as vile. If not more.

Israel is in breach of countless UN resolutions about its illegal occupation, with settlement building, of Palestinian land. The West, the US and UK in particular, continue to turn a blind eye to those transgressions. Israeli blood is deemed precious in Washington and London. Palestinian blood? Meh, not so much.

The irony here is that Israel is supposedly a bastion of democracy in a Middle East full of dictators and autocrats. That’s all well and good. But Israeli actions betray their supposed democratic pedigree. Slaughtering tens of thousands of innocent people is no different than the Russian pogroms of the Jews in the late nineteenth century. Or the Ottoman massacre of the Armenians during World War One. Or the American indiscriminate bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Or countless other blood-soaked miseries that stain the tapestry of human history. The Gaza operation completely lays bare Israel’s claim to democracy. Just like Nazi Germany, democracies do not advance themselves with indiscriminate slaughter of innocents.

When it comes to the Israeli onslaught in Gaza, the US needs to re-calibrate its foreign policy in a fundamental fashion so as to protect the long oppressed Palestinians. There is zero chance of this or a second Biden administration doing that. That is why, among other things, we endorse Kamala Harris running for president this year. Harris is the only realistic option of both preserving democracy here in the State, while at the same time promoting and preserving democracy overseas, especially so in the Middle East.

Biden and his corporate and billionaire backers could care less about the fate of the Palestinians. Sure, ole Joe has made some wishy-washy noises to the Israelis about “proportionality of response” and the continual pie-in-the-sky prospect of a two-state solution. And where has that left the Palestinians of Gaza? Nowhere other than under the day and night onslaught of an Israeli military that is feverishly encouraged by Netanyahu and his clique of military hawks.

Only Harris can stop this selective supposed Israeli democracy (their people vote, while their military commits genocide). A true president, a landmark president, means that what Washington says, goes. No Biden ifs and buts. No more double-speak and hollow platitudes of restraint. Enough is more than enough. While Biden, for any number of reasons can’t do that, Harris more then can. She is primed to become the champion of democracy, both home and abroad. In doing so, she offers more help to the isolated Palestinians than Biden could do in a thousand years.

We’ve let it be known many times before, that a Kamala Harris presidency is our vision for the future. In light of the many challenges to democracy around the world, including Israel’s genocide in Gaza, she is the best option that we have. Madam vice-president, we therefore implore you, run for 2024! In doing so, we can be the genuine guardians of democracy and start the push-back against those that would not only undermine it, but are actually striving to destroy it.

Vote Harris 2024!


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