Ladies! It's time to declare war

Trump may have left the White House, but the poison he has left behind

continues to blight our everyday lives. Biden offers nothing of any real progressive substance,

while DINOs Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin actively conspire with a GOP that is still caught

in Trump’s hypnotic, cult-like gaze. We need radical economic change to stop further damage to

everyday Americans and it should then come as no surprise that we have long supported

Andrew Yang’s 2K Freedom Dividend as a great starting point!

Ladies, as you know all too well, the old boys club in D.C have for years turned a blind eye to

the plight of women around the planet. The #MeToo movement is nothing more to them than a

“Feminist echo chamber”, on a par with their other object of disdain, BLM. Now that has been

ramped up to a full-blown assault on women and their reproductive rights, courtesy of Texas

dragging their miserable “six-week heart-beat bill” lawyers in front of the (conservative leaning)

Supreme Court.


We have to organize and mobilize, and we need female help with that more than ever before. We

know our fellow female citizens are suffering like never before – Trumpism, fascism, the

pandemic and now the war on Roe -v- Wade. We call on you to join TIP (Travel in Peace)

Political Party while we are still young, so as to help us formulate policy and strategy for the

future. In doing so, we can make real history by synergizing our respective movements across

the land, exponentially increasing our power and influence, enabling us to repeatedly signal to

the DNC, the RNC and Corporate, racist America, that it really is no longer politics as usual.

Those days are done.

History teaches us that when it comes to political parties, they either evolve or perish (that is why

both the Democrats, and the GOP, will ultimately schism and then disintegrate – but that is a

discussion for another time).

In recent years, the DNC has ignominiously presided over the following disasters:

 -Allowed Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema become de facto Kingmakers of the party.

 -Lost to, of all people, Donald Trump.

 -Let the GOP / Trump run riot with Supreme Court appointments.

 -Refused any meaningful debate on climate change.

 -Treated Andrew Yang like a party pariah.

 -Refused to cancel outrageous levels of student debt.

- Watched on impassively as 800,000 Dreamers were kept in limbo.

- Stalled on both cannabis legalization and reducing mass incarceration numbers.

 -Raised the federal minimum wage to $15.00 per hour (a mere 70,000 workers) while the

rest of the working demographic stay on a federally guaranteed pittance of $7.25 per


So, it is then that we are done with the DNC and its lemmings over the cliff approach to pretty

much everything that it comes into touch with. We are through with today’s cyber-war being

fought with the DNC’s tactics of World War Two. Consequently, we re-affirm to our fellow

Progressives, that we have declared ourselves t