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Let’s Crush the Future Shall We?! Cancel Student loan debt

Two of the most catastrophic events of the twenty-first century have already happened in the space

of a mere 16 years. Those are the election of Donald Trump to the American presidency and the

UK’s Brexit decision to leave the European Union. Both results were fuelled by the considerable

support of the older demographics of both countries. Reframe that as “we screw everything up,

then disappear, and then you get to sort the mess out that we left behind for you.” That same

formula is also applied to student debt in the USA – we cause you the head-ache, you get to find the


According to Forbes, student debt in the USA is presently in the sum of one point seven trillion

dollars ($1,700,000,000,000). Now this may seem self-evident, but let’s just remind ourselves. We

go to college to not only better ourselves, but to become more productive and effective members of

our communities, cities, states, country and yes, the world. Or so it should be. However, the reality

is this – American students are becoming saddled with ever more stratospheric levels of debt that

upon leaving college, they are now not breaking even until at least 15 or 20 years later. And those

are graduates in any number of academic fields that instead of thriving and growing post-college, are

struggling to make ends meet, even with a degree now under their belts. The emphasis is not to do

your part for making society a better place, it is instead to fund your student loan provider first and

worry about that making a genuine contribution later.

The Biden administration’s take on this? Same old same old. We care, but we really don’t. Can we

have your vote because we will do a whole of great things…and then we won’t. That’s why as things

currently stand, student loan repayments are set to kick back in on 02/01/22. The COVID pandemic

had meant the suspension of student loan repayments and possibly even more – who’s old enough

to remember the Biden presidential campaign flirting with the idea of if not waiving student debt in

full, then at least wiping out the first $10,000.00 of debt? How very tempting. And now, with Biden

firmly in place in the White House, that sentiment has all evaporated like winter snow in the spring

sunshine. Surprise-surprise.

Billionaire, corporate America finds the capacity to avoid trillions of dollars in taxes, day after day,

week after week, month after month and, naturally, year after year. They are offered never ending

tax breaks, loop-holes, and any other number of financial get out of jail free cards, all with the

acquiescence of both mainstream Democratic and Republican (if the GOP can even be called

mainstream anymore) parties. Likewise, the Pentagon is given a carte blanche of spending without

accountability that makes your eyes water. Ironically, they like graduate people who know how to

make things go “bang” at a massive financial expense, but at the same time, want those same

graduates, with their knowledge of just how to cause those explosions, to be in financial servitude

for the majority of their adult working lives.

If this country wants to have its citizens genuinely pursue the much vaunted “American Dream” then

it has start offering a level playing field for all, not just a select few corporate, billionaire vested

interests and their sycophantic lickspittles to be found on Capitol Hill, irrespective of political hue.

Put another way, how do we expect out graduates of tomorrow to make their way in the world, to

make a real difference because of their education, to compete and perform at their best if they are

crushed by Herculean amounts of debt from the post-graduation get-go?

That is exactly why TIP political party will eradicate all student loan payments going forwards. In

doing so, this will give tens of millions, between the age of 21 to 71, a fresh start on life and genuine

possibility of their pursuing the American Dream without the need to keep looking back over their

shoulders to see just where the student debt recovery hit-squad is lurking. Why would any forward-

thinking nation, in its right mind, contrive to knee-cap its future leaders, inventors, job-creators and

captains of industry, with sky-high debt levels that cripple their output, productivity and yes,

profitability? They want to crush the future – maybe it’s because they know it belongs to us, the

oppressed, and never them – the oppressors.


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