Low Skilled Workers? You Mean Low Value Mayor.

NYC has a well established pedigree of turning on its Mayor. However, when it comes to Eric Adams,

someone really needs to give the Guinness Book of Records a shout. He has somehow managed to

become even more unpopular than he previously was within a matter of days of getting into office.

As if our stop and frisk supremo wasn’t a dismal person enough, he’s now gone after essential NYC

workers as (drum roll) “low skilled workers.” Of course he has.

At a recent signing of a city executive order, Adams took questions from the press about white collar

workers making a return to their offices in an effort to further stimulate the economy. Showing as

much respect as a fox has for a hare, here’s his very early contender for most patronising quote of


“Many employees are saying, ’We don’t want to come back into the office… Now, that’s fine, if we