Binary choice is never a real choice if the two options are no better

than one another. To put that in a clumsy way, the choice of

whether to be hung or to be drowned is no choice at all. That no

choice at all scenario is especially poignant when looking at the tired,

not fit for purpose, American political system. Quite how a country

can pride itself on supposedly being the “greatest democracy on

Earth” when the choice for voters is that of Republican or

Democratic, racist or racist-lite, is anyone’s guess. That is where we

are right now with the choice, but no choice at all, between the GOP

and the beyond fit for purpose Democrats.

It is very apparent that today’s Republican party is the party of

white privilege and white supremacy. Trump, as disgusting as he was

a president, was simply the natural, inevitable culmination of years

of brewing conservative, nativist, nationalist, white supremacist

political garbage. Yet what is the actual alternative to that? The

Democrat party? Really?

Given that we are still in the realms of George Floyd and Daunte

Wright’s executions, we have to ask the question – although we know

what to expect from the GOP, just how have the non-progressive,

non-social democratic Democrat party advanced the interests of

Black and non-White people in this country? They are still being

literally slaughtered in the streets. We are persecuted for wanting

to both travel and smoke in peace and yet end up incarcerated and

stigmatized for life. We are discriminated against in employment, in

housing and in socio-economic standing in general. We vote the

Democrats in, they inevitably sell us out.

Progressives, social-democrats, resistors, and the oppressed, you

have to now see it – the writing is as much on the wall as it is for

Republicans as it is for Democrats. The pendulum could swing back

and forth between the two of them for the next five hundred years,

and still the Democratic party would fail to deliver on meaningful

racial, social and economic reform that would actually deliver results

as opposed to simply getting washed away by the next Republican

administration and / or Congress. That the two-party political

system can deliver America from its white supremacy fever is now

laid bare for all to see. It can’t. And it never will.

Those committed to the struggle of racial, social and economic

justice must now jettison the Democratic party and look to join a

corporate free, self-funding tech party that is not about empty

platitudes and hollow declarations, but one that is willing and able to

go to techno-war for the people. This is now the full-blown digital

age and our struggle now takes place predominantly in that realm.

The dinosaur Democrats, let alone the repugnant Republicans, belong