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In the first quarter of 2020, COVID-19 took a vice-like hold of

the US. The reality of the devastating effects of COVID began

to loom large in terms of everyday life, and all too many deaths.

The Trump administration, true to form, botched America’s

response and the pandemic went wild-fire across the country.

Consequently, the American economy seemingly teetered on

the edge of a twenty-first century Great Depression. Yet that

never came. Why exactly was that? In short, government

intervention and the implementation of societal and economic

safety nets.

Despite the vaccine roll-out being utterly messed up by Trump

and his goons, we are now seeing hundreds of millions of “free”

vaccines being administered across the US. Unemployment

benefits have been enhanced to ensure families are protected

from the harsh, economic cross-winds of the pandemic. In

addition to that, we have had stimulus checks distributed wide

and far so as to help a bombarded economy stay afloat through

consumer spending. On all three counts, vaccines, enhanced

benefits and stimulus payments, how very “socialist”. And yet

how very effective they have been, irrespective of that

supposedly un-American epitaph.

Despite President Biden arguably having a growing liberal /

radical agenda (and that argument is a very real one), he has

now turned his non-progressive ire onto those protected by the

safety net of unemployment benefit. Following an April that

was a particularly weak month for new jobs, Biden has, true to

his deep-down DNA, decided that those that can least afford a

low-paying job, should go out and get one lest they are

punished by having their unemployment benefits cut off if they

turn down “suitable employment.”

Know this – “suitable employment” is poorly concealed code for

“substandard employment.” To those in receipt of

unemployment benefits, they are protected from minimum-

wage paying, benefit-free pre-pandemic jobs that littered the

American economy. Add to that the fact that if the majority of

employers had their way, wages would forever be supressed so

as to protect their bottom-line corporate profits. It is complete

garbage that if employee wages go up, then prices of goods

and services must go up. Never forget, if a business or

corporation can’t hammer the employee to protect its profits,

then it will turn to its next victim, the consumer. It can never be

the profits suffer. It is always another target group.

That is what enhanced unemployment benefit payments protect

the recipients from – the money-thirsty sub-standards of

corporate and vested interest greed. Despite what he may say,

Biden has one eye firmly rested on the 1% billionaire class that

dictate how the country is run and pull stings like crazed

puppeteers to ensure that that is always in their favor.

The UK has run government programs with “get a job or lose

your benefits” at their heart for years, with any number of

results, all of them adverse. First, such an approach serves

only to push some unemployment benefit recipients into badly-

paid jobs that they quickly jettison. In doing so, they return to

benefits once more. Second, if you lose your safety net and

can’t find “suitable employment”, criminal and nefarious

activities become more alluring. Both are equally transferable

shadows that can be cast across the US if Biden gets his

assault against unemployment benefits fully under way.

The fundamental problem, and one that Biden simply doesn’t

get, is that a society is more than just simply an economic

model with some limited positives for the entitled few, and a

multitude of negative outcomes for the rest of us. The hall-

mark of a civilized society is not its GDP or worth on the stock

market. Absolutely not. Rather it is the provision of not only

equal opportunity for all, but also equal protection for all, and

that includes financial and economic too. The bulk of American

jobs have for way too long now paid scandalously low wages

while all the time the cost of living continues to sky-rocket. Put

another way, if American employers were made to pay an

actual living wage, then the benefits safety net needn’t be so


If you thought Biden was free from the hypnotic stare of

billionaire America, then think again. And that stare inevitably

intoxicates him to turn his ire onto those not taking “suitable

jobs” as opposed to those who deserve a life free of having to

scrape by, fall into an endless circle of debt and unshackled

free-market exploitation. That’s because when push comes to

shove, Biden puts the 1% forever above the remaining 99%.

Safety nets from poverty and exploitation be damned.


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