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NYC Mayor Eric Adams and his war on the civil rights of the people that he pretends to represent.

“It shouldn’t have to happen to you for it to matter to you.” Words that are applicable in so many

scenarios. The Russian declaration of was on the Ukraine is a perfect example of that – the vast majority

of the world united in their concern for the slaughter and barbarism that is presently playing out before

our disbelieving eyes and ears. That said, there are of course many other wars under way that don’t get

the coverage, and outrage, that the situation in Ukraine. Yemen and Afghanistan being two names of

note. And then closer to home have NYC Mayor Eric Adams and his war on the civil rights of the people

that he pretends to represent.

In August 2020, NYC’s “Anti-Crime Unit” was disbanded following wave after wave of racial justice

protests following the murder of George Floyd. We can join up the dots here as to the timing of that –

the country rages, rightly so, at continued police brutality aimed at Black Americans, including the Anti-

Crime Unit. It had become too much for New Yorkers to tolerate, given the units penchant for brutal

tactics and high-profile shootings. So, it should come as no surprise that something as repellent and

overwhelmingly despised by the good people of NYC as the Anti-Crime Unit, is being resurrected as

“Neighborhood Safety Teams”, all with the blessing of Adams.

Just like the Anti-Crime Unit, Neighborhood Safety Teams will have a largely unaccountable presence in

the city. Let’s not be fooled here, these are not regular cops. Far from it. They are an extension of

Adams’ unbearable ego, manifesting itself in yet another way of treating the citizens of NYC with

lamentable contempt. Anti-Crime Units had an awful record for when it came to abuses of power and

notching up related complaints. There is no reason to believe that Neighborhood Safety Teams will be

any different, courtesy of having Adams at the helm.

This whole thing is a further take on the continual failings of the Democratic Party, of which Adams is a

key figure of (and let’s not forget, he was an avowed Republican prior to his miraculous conversion to

the Democratic Party. And that’s without an iota of reflection on Adams’s ongoing obsession with “Stop

and Frisk.” The DNC are nothing more than pseudo slave traders for the twenty-first century. They

offer up negligible evidence to the contrary that they turn a blind eye to the ongoing exploitation and

persecution of Black Americans.

Do we need further proof of that? Well, there’s plenty more of it if you need it. Governor of New York

state, Kathy Hochul, another Democrat (surprise-surprise) has revisited the abomination of “jails to

jobs” and the use of prison labor by private companies. This is exploitation, dressed up as “training” for

use upon release. Vidal Guzman, now a prison reform advocate, has spent time behind bars and found

himself exploited by the private sector, earning a eye-widening, jaw-dropping, sixteen cents an hour for

his labor. Inmates who have previously been through such misery are not afforded the labor

protections that non-incarcerated worker are. That is, and always has been, a recipe for exploitation.

And the private sector is again licking its lips at the prospect of doing the same again. For very good

reason, the state of New York outlawed the use of prison labor for the interests of the private sector in

the late nineteenth century. That Adams and Hochul want the mid-nineteenth century to act as a blue-

print for the judicial system of the earlier twenty-first century is as preposterous as it is concerning.

All of these problems are very real and very much happening right now. And all of these are symptoms

of the Democrats still inflicting a vindictive political plantation mentality on non-White Americans.

The Civil War ended over 150 years, and counting, ago. So why are we still watching these political

dinosaurs inflict yet more misery upon us? These are nothing more than White supremacists inflicting

digital age slavery on a Black population that has been under assault for 400 years now, and counting.

NYC and Black America beyond the city not only deserve better, they demand better. There really is no

distinction between the Republicans and Democrats when it comes to genuine racial and socio-

economic justice. We here at TIPNation will continue to expose, and fight against, this dangerous

nonsense for what it is. We will prevail as we know that it is happening to us and, we care passionately

enough to do something about it.

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