NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ recent call for CEOs to end remote work is complete garbage & delusional.

Human history has had events of such significance that the world would never be the same

again. Take your pick from the Wright brothers maiden flight, the outbreak of World War One

and then World War Two, human boots on the moon or 9 / 11. And a cursory glance through

any reputable history book will show that there are plenty more than that. There is however a

new entry into that list of the profound and ground-breaking, and that’s the COVID-19


For years we had been waiting for the “big one”, but it never seemed to come. Ebola, Bird ‘Flu,

Swine ‘Flu, all were coming to get us on a global scale, but never did. We grew complacent

about the risk of a pandemic and then COVID landed a global sucker-punch. Despite COVID

figures of infection, hospitalization and deaths currently reducing in the US, let there be no

doubt, we remain firmly in the Pandemic Era. And life is fundamentally never going to be the

same again because of that. That is why NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ recent call for CEOs to start

bringing back their employees to the office is complete garbage.

We here at TIPNation fully understand that some employees are still needed to venture out and

work at the front-line as they did before. We recognize that, appreciate that and salute that.

However, one of the few benefits of the COVID pandemic is that working from home for many,

using an array of technology and virtual know-how, has revolutionized how so many of us can

now work. It finally jettisons the way beyond its sell-by date that all work entails the trudge of

a commute into work and then back out again. That is especially true of NYC. Hundreds of

hours a years spent just getting to and from work, for millions of people, has now been exposed

as a wholly unnecessary component of the exploitation of the working man and woman, across

NYC, the state, the country and beyond.

The city lives and, crucially, works shoulder by shoulder, cheek by cheek. Consequently, it is

highly susceptible to not just COVID and its future variants, but of range of other more

“established” sicknesses too. Adams, as ever, in his rush to grease the corporate wheels of NYC,

absolutely overlooks the new reality of home working. This is just further proof of the man’s

ignorance of the Pandemic Era and what that means for the future. In some ways, the

Pandemic Era will last indefinitely, despite Adams’ myopic view of new ways to work. It also

underscores just how much hand in glove with NYC’s big business interests Adams really is.

Apparently, the king of stop and search is quite prepared to put future New Yorker lives on the

line in the name of corporate profits.

Should Adams’ call to corporate arms surprise us? Absolutely not. Should we be repulsed by

it? Absolutely so. Adams is simply the worst person to have taken up the role of Mayor of NYC.

He was already completely out of touch with the everyday needs and concerns of regular New

Yorkers and now this. As we have called for before, Adams needs to be recalled from his

Mayoral position with immediate effect.

He oozes with wannabe authoritarianism and