YANG GANG: A Call to Arms

It was all meant to be so different. So much better, so much more politically

grown up. After four years of a man-baby’s tantrums in the Oval Office, a

Democrat controlled Presidency and Congress was to waltz us into new pastures.

How could it be anything else? How could it go wrong? Here’s how - cue

Democrats-in-disguise, Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

Given that the Democrats hold a razor-thin majority in the Senate, the roles

that conservative leaning Manchin and Sinema now play are pivotal, especially

regarding filibuster-free matters of budget proposals and court picks.

Unsurprisingly, those are two areas that Senate Republicans are especially

blood-thirsty about. By citing the need for moderate Republican support for

any number of genuinely progressive pieces of Democrat budgetary or judicial

legislation, Manchin and Sinema are no better than Mitch McConnell or Chuck

Grassley. Add to that their support for maintaining the Jim Crow inspired relic

that is the filibuster, and their conservative credentials glow even more.

To the genuine progressives of NYC, this has to be nothing more than a

preposterous merry-go-round of epic and ghoulish proportions. Aside from

budgetary and judicial concerns, what chance of genuine and much needed civil

rights reform if that is forever held in a choke-hold by the racist filibuster?

We all know that today’s Republican party is packed to the rafters with racists.

Trump, King, Taylor Greene, Cruz, Graham and so on. Putrid individuals with

putrid ideologies. Yet the same lurks within sizeable chunks of the Democratic

party, particularly so if the likes of Manchin and Sinema are anything to go by.

And let’s not kid ourselves, Biden’s record on race is far from exemplary. Hell,

he’s rubbed shoulders with enough racists to get skin burns.

NYC is currently the bastion and epicenter of progressivism in the whole

country. That’s not surprising given its status of a world city, if not the world’s

city. Think Jamaal Bowman, Alessandra Biaggi, AOC and of course, Andrew

Yang. The last four years has seen NYC become the cutting edge for

progressive and socialist ideas and initiatives (no wonder the people of the city

despise Donald Trump). The encouraging thing is that as history has shown, if

NYC sneezes, the rest of the United States gets a cold.

This is why TIP party is making a call to arms to NYC’s progressives and socio-

economic reformers. And that call is to leave the empty shell that is the

Democratic party. That old ship, with Biden as simply the new captain, long ago

sailed into Republican-lite, racist waters. This country was born from radical,

revolutionary politics. It was never meant to be the reactionary, racist and now

near authoritarian mess that it has become. The spirit of change, of challenging

unjust authority and the genuine priority of “We the People” has been trampled

underfoot for centuries. Those concepts were hijacked by an inherently anti-

democratic two-party system that still works for the same corporate interests

and racist impulses.

TIP party then represents the vanguard of that renewed American spirit of

radical change for the many and not the few. The fact that we presently live in

a country where the likes of Derek Chauvin and George Zimmerman still

dominate the headlines of the day, in a supposed twenty-first century, multi-

cultural, advanced nation is jaw-dropping and all the more reason to jettison the

Democratic party. It long ago stopped, if it ever was, being a party of

progressive ideas.

Why should the US continue to be the only major Western country to not have

universal health care? Why should the US continue to persecute and

discriminate against its Black American population in such a brazen and obvious

fashion? Why should the American people be held hostage to both the NRA and

corporate America? If after all this time you think that the Democratic Party

is the only solution to those problems, then you are sadly, badly, mistaken.

NYC, TIP party is then here for you with open arms. We welcome new people

and new ideas. We are committed to transforming the United States and need

your help to do just that. As sure as night follows day, change is coming to this

imperfect Union of fifty states. Change never comes easy, that’s for sure. But

to stay the same? To stagger on with the same old worn out political apparatus?

That’s not who we are. That’s not what TIP party will ever be part of.