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OPEN Letter to Corporate America

2020 – some year, major confusion and uncertainty. What we do know? Colin

Kaepernick remains our generation’s Rosa Parks in a new tyrannical age, summed

up by Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Jacob Blake.

History seared into our collective memory how by refusing to sit in the back of the

bus, Parks became the catalyst that Black America needed to fight systemic

injustice with bare-knuckle economic resistance.

Likewise, Colin Kaepernick knew he was putting his career in jeopardy when he

took a knee against police brutality and racist. However, he had the courage to

continue taking a knee, despite the howls of outrage and protestation from the

right-wing and their seedy media allies.

Let’s then cement Kaepernick’s place in history next to Parks by enhancing our

sense of history and purpose and then rising up to collectively fight injustice – not

only against police brutality and authoritarian Trumpism, but also against the

supposed Alt-Right’s blatant discrimination against women, immigrants,

Dreamers, non-Christians, the LGBTQ community, Puerto Ricans and millions of

Americans whose healthcare is now literally in life-threatening jeopardy.

Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, Malcom

X, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln and millions of other nameless and faceless

African slaves, Union soldiers and genuinely progressive politicians of all races,

gave their lives so that Americans in the here and now. African slaves and Union

soldiers gave, by the hundreds of thousands, gave their lives to that Americans

could take a knee. Their spirits and legacy have been lingering in the winds

waiting for the day of final triumph – when the Confederacy was finally eradicated

for ever.

Red states undoubtedly re-ignited the Civil War with the election of Trump based

on the festering unhealed wound of segregationist hate and bigotry. Yet we can’t

win this pivotal war with marches and protests alone. It’s time for economic

resistance. So, we are claiming our share of the trillion-dollar travel industry by

boycotting travel to confederate states and redirecting those dollars to places

that promote civil rights and progressives causes.

Furthermore, the BnB Liberation movement is both anti-Republican and pro-

progress. In doing so, it has morphed into the TIP Political Party with a mission to

take back the White House and dominate the U.S. tourism industry, fostering

both world peace and prosperity.

We seek no handouts as this movement is the first monetized political movement

in history. Consequently, the business side of the movement will be worth

Billions. Unchain Black America, Block Chain US.

We are then asking those 350 corporations who were signatories to the letter

denouncing Trump’s rescinding of DACA to unequivocally pledge their support to

our NFL GoFundMe #TakeaKneeFund. 100% of those funds will go directly to

those NFL players who lose income due to being benched, or fired, for taking a

knee of protest at any time. We are also asking for your marketing support by

sharing our image, announcing your support.  

Let's call Trump and Jerry Jones’ bluff. This fund is America's insurance policy

against continued white supremacy. It will show not only Kaepernick, Reid and current

players taking a knee that we have their backs, but it will also show Democrats,

progressives and our children that we have a formidable resistance plan to unite

the left and take back the White House.

This will also give the 800,000 threatened Dreamers, who you pledged to support,

the hope they need to continue believing in the American Dream and genuine

liberty and justice for all. In addition, it will show Trump and his GOP lackeys that

when 350 of the most powerful corporations in the world ask for the president to

show some empathy towards innocent children, he should absolutely listen.

By pledging your support for the #TakeaKneeFund as you did towards #NoDACA,

you will ignite the emergence of a new political party that will usher in the

“Shared Economy Era” and by doing so, deal a final death blow to slavery era and

the Confederacy. Together, we can take back the soul of America.

Please review our vision at If you are interested in being in the

inner circle of this generation’s cultural war room, please contact


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