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Our generals gave their word to thousands of their Afghan allies. And Biden betrayed those words

We all know that the Trump presidency was a four-year dumpster fire. He trashed any number of American democratic institutions, cared nothing for accepted political norms and had an alarming ignorance of not only domestic affairs, but international ones too. Specifically, he pledged to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan by August 2021 – a pledge that the Biden administration knew fully well it was going to inherit.

Fast forward to August of that year, and the American withdrawal quickly descended into both chaos and tragedy. In the last two weeks of the month, over 120,00 Americans and other foreign nationals, fled the country. Thousands of Afghans who had loyally worked with the US and its Western allies, and were told that they too would be evacuated, were left behind to face the wrath of the resurgent Taliban. On 26th August, a suicide bomber took out one of the gates of Kabul’s airport, killing 13 American troops and over 170 Afghans. The cringe-worthy hand-wringing from the White House about that massacre was nauseating.

As late as June and July of 2021, insiders in the White House anonymously report that there was no sense of urgency and focus regarding the mammoth task that needed to be undertaken in Afghanistan in the run up to the August deadline. Biden’s priorities were clearly elsewhere, and always have been – something that we shall address later in this article.

All of this was totally avoidable. The Biden administration got this wrong on so many catastrophic levels. They have repeatedly tried to pin the blame on Trumps’ decision to withdraw when he was in the Oval Office. But Biden knew the withdrawal was coming and had over seven months to properly prepare for that. Yet he didn’t. The way the pull-out took place, chaotic, frenzied and bloody, should have led to Biden being impeached. He specifically ignored the advice of his generals which ultimately led to the deaths of 13 American military personnel and America looking incompetent and uncaring on the world stage.

Of course, the Taliban are blood-thirsty, theocratic, misogynistic bigots. And now they have a free hand again in the country, they are still pursuing “collaborators” that had the audacity to work with American / Western forces and groups that were trying to improve the country prior to August 2021. When caught by the Taliban, the outcome is never good. There are still Afghans in the country that are desperate to get out. And there are Americans still trying to help them. Yet Biden, his administration and Washington no longer give a damn, if they ever did. This is absolutely not what our brave American servicemen and women sign up for when they join the service. They get it. Biden simply doesn’t and never will.

Our generals gave their word to thousands of their Afghan allies. And Biden betrayed those words. Yet, while Biden may be immoral, the future Kamala Harris administration will always back our generals. She will right the wrong, even if that means boots on the ground. Our allies world-wide will know that President Harris’ word is a cast-iron bond and in doing so, we will restore America’s honor.

Nine people who worked on the withdrawal mission have now come forward and slammed Biden for the woeful operation and a recent unsigned “after action” memo from his administration attempting to defend the indefensible. They argue that the memo is defective and dishonest. Further, that it places too much emphasis on taking a swipe at the Trump administration rather than highlighting its own shortcomings and how those can be put right so as to prevent a further such calamity in the future.

We mentioned Biden’s priorities earlier. There has to be a realization here that even though Biden is Commander-in-Chief, his mission has nothing to do with our illustrious armed forces. His real mission, his only mission, is the continued incarceration of Black American men. Consequently, he is immoral, untrustworthy, bigoted and completely unfit to be Commander-in-Chief. He needs to be impeached immediately. For every day he stays in office, the bigger and darker the stain on American armed forces grows. Fellow Veterans and Americans, I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in NYC, your word really is your bond. Break you word with the wrong people and you’ll soon be swimming with the fishes.

Governor Hochul is absolutely right – crime is down and the prison population is in steady decline. That is precisely why Biden implemented fascistic slave patrols in every urban city across the United States. We know that vice president Harris wants no part of such a horror story as that. We implore her to take full note of the fact that Black men, and Veterans come to that, want off the dinosaur Democrats penal political plantation. We have Biden’s stooges, like NYC Mayor Eric Adams, the Benedict Arnold of Black America, inflicting endless misery on every day citizens. We are no fools. We see you.

We see exactly what is happening, what unfolds before us every day, and we will continue to resist it every step of the way.


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