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Pause Immigration and House our Homeless VeteransPresident Harris's Top Priorities

The United States of America is many things to many people, and that is

something that we should all cherish, even though the country continues to

be plagued with a whole range of socio-economic, legal and political

issues. E pluribus unum is the nation’s motto for good reason. Historically,

we have been home to the world and its myriad of cultures, blended

together into the melting pot that is the USA.

However, at the same we now also find ourselves at a point in time unlike any other before

. In our post-

pandemic world, we are confronted with an array of critical issues, some

new, and some more long-standing as we have referred to.

One of the most pressing of those critical issues, which is actually a

national scandal, is the plight of our homeless veterans. There are currently

tens of thousands of veterans who are either sleeping on the streets, or are

languishing in a not fit for purpose shelter.

These are men and women who

offered their country everything they have in the name of service, and then

once back out of uniform, are tossed aside like a used candy bar wrapper.

The issue of veteran homelessness, as bad as it is, is however massively

amplified by the waves of immigrants that are currently barreling their way

into the United States and securing housing.

No immigrant should receive

housing before our veterans do.

We here at TIP Nation are, as you know, in favor of immigration to the US.

However, this cannot be at the expense of

causing our long-suffering veterans even more anguish.

Right now, at this

point in time, we need to draw a line and get things the right way around.

What we previously thought about our priorities as a nation, need to be

revised. We just cannot any longer have an open door to every immigrant,

with a place to live ready and waiting for them, while so many of our gallant

servicemen and women sleep under a bridge, in their vehicle or worse. No

wonder suicide rates are as high as they are in the veteran demographic.

At the end of the Second World War, the Brits coined the phrase “a land fit

for heroes” for their service personal that returned home. Jobs were

provided, pensions, healthcare and, crucially, housing. We dare anyone to

tell us that our veterans aren’t heroes too. So why the hell are they not

treated like they are?

Sadly, the vast majority of our elected officials talk a good game when it

comes to caring for our veterans, but very few actually then go on to play a

good game. Over time, this has devalued the status of our veterans to that

of an after-thought, if that. Meanwhile, wave upon wave of immigrants are

afforded housing upon their arrival in the US. Why is that even a thing, let

alone a point of discussion?

For our country to be able to continue its mission as the home of

democracy, a beacon of inspiration to the rest of the world, we have to

make sure that the US remains fit for purpose and continues being a new

home for others – if viable. And right now, that viability is simply not there.

The US has to be able to adequately defend itself and at the heart of doing

just that are all the branches of our military, including retired personnel,

tens of thousands of which are currently homeless. Again, it is not that we

have some issue with immigrants coming to the US to make a new life.

However, that cannot be at the expense of those who have served and are

now being disregarded.

Sadly, as long as we have Biden as Commander-in-Chief, nothing of any

real substance is going to change when it comes to our veterans. While

Biden continues with his opulent life-style, with no need left unaddressed,

American service personnel survive day to day on the very margins of

society. So, why would we expect any help from the current Oval Office

occupant? Don’t hold your breath if you do.

Again, we want the US to be a home for new immigrants, a role it has

historically played since its foundation. But before we can do that in any

substantial way going forwards, we simply have to get our own collective

house in order and ensure that every veteran, to the last man and woman,

are properly taken care of. That includes, of course, a place to live in peace

and dignity.


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